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Significance and mechanisms of photosynthetic production of dissolved organic carbon in a coastal eutrophic ecosystem
We have determined the seasonal (July 2001-July 2002) and vertical variability in the photosynthetic production of dissolved organic carbon (DOCp) and particulate organic carbon (POCp) in a coastalExpand
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An open-source, massively parallel code for non-LTE synthesis and inversion of spectral lines and Zeeman-induced Stokes profiles
With the advent of a new generation of solar telescopes and instrumentation, interpreting chromospheric observations (in particular, spectropolarimetry) requires new, suitable diagnostic tools. ThisExpand
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Evaluation of organosolv pretreatment for the conversion of Pinus radiata D. Don to ethanol
Abstract Ethanol derived from biomass has the potential to be a renewable transportation fuel that can replace gasoline. The demand for oxygenated fuels is increasing rapidly. The use of bioethanolExpand
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Scaling of phytoplankton photosynthesis and cell size in the ocean
We have determined the scaling relationship between photosynthesis rate and cell size in natural phytoplankton assemblages of contrasting marine environments. We found that phytoplanktonExpand
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A description of sources detected by INTEGRAL during the first 4 years of observations
Context. In its first 4 years of observing the sky above 20 keV, INTEGRAL-ISGRI has detected 500 sources, around half of which are new or unknown at these energies. Follow-up observations at otherExpand
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Free radical scavenging activity and phenolic content in achenes and thalamus from Fragaria chiloensis ssp. chiloensis, F. vesca and F. x ananassa cv. Chandler
The total phenolic, flavonoid and anthocyanin content of achenes (true fruit) and thalamus (receptacle) from the native South American Fragaria chiloensis ssp. chiloensis (f. patagonica and f.Expand
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EDTA: the chelating agent under environmental scrutiny
The chelating agent EDTA (ethylenediaminetetraacetic acid) is a compound of massive use world wide with household and industrial applications, being one of the anthropogenic compounds with highestExpand
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Estimating the chemical composition of biodegraded pine and eucalyptus wood by DRIFT spectroscopy and multivariate analysis
Abstract Fourier transformed infra-red (FTIR) was evaluated as an analytical tool for monitoring wood biodegradation. A sample set containing typical soft (Pinus radiata) and hardwood (EucalyptusExpand
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Advanced oxidation of a pulp mill bleaching wastewater.
The degradation, by several advanced oxidation reactions, of a pulp mill ECF bleaching effluent, was studied. The initial biodegradability of the organic matter present in the effluent, estimated asExpand
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Organic Structure Analysis
CHAPTER 1.USING SPECTROSCOPIC DATA IN ORGANIC STRUCTURE ANALYSIS 1.1 A Glimpse of the Methods in Common Use 1.2 Characteristics of the Methods in Common Use 1.3 Steps in Establishing a MolecularExpand
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