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Application of Fenton oxidation to cosmetic wastewaters treatment.
The removal of organic matter (TOC and COD) from a cosmetic wastewater by Fenton oxidation treatment has been evaluated. The operating conditions (temperature as well as ferrous ion and hydrogenExpand
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Chemical pathway and kinetics of phenol oxidation by Fenton's reagent.
Phenol oxidation by Fenton's reagent (H2O2 + Fe2+) in aqueous solution has been studied in depth for the purpose of learning more about the reactions involved and the extent of the oxidation process,Expand
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Evolution of toxicity upon wet catalytic oxidation of phenol.
This work reports on the evolution of the toxicity of phenol-containing simulated wastewater upon catalytic wet oxidation with a commercial copper-based catalyst (Engelhard Cu-0203T). The results ofExpand
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Triclosan breakdown by Fenton-like oxidation
This research has been supported by the Spanish MICINN through the project CTQ2008-03988 and by the CM through the project S-2009/AMB-1588
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Removal of water pollutants with activated carbons prepared from H3PO4 activation of lignin from kraft black liquors.
Activated carbons with a high BET surface area and a well-developed porosity have been prepared from pyrolysis of H3PO4-impregnated lignin precipitated from kraft black liquors. Impregnation ratiosExpand
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Enhancement of cometabolic biodegradation of 4-chlorophenol induced with phenol and glucose as carbon sources by Comamonas testosteroni.
The biological degradation of phenol and 4-chlorophenol (4-CP) by Comamonas testosteroni CECT 326T has been studied. Phenol and 4-CP were treated alone as a sole carbon and energy source, but onlyExpand
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The patellofemoral joint in total knee arthroplasty: is the design of the trochlea the critical factor?
The outcome at 10 years is reported of a prospective study of 2 cohorts of total knee arthroplasties treated with (center A) or without (center B) patellar replacement. The same tibiofemoralExpand
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Semicontinuous Fenton oxidation of phenol in aqueous solution. A kinetic study.
This work investigates the Fenton oxidation of phenol in a semicontinuous reactor where the overall amount of H(2)O(2) is distributed as a continuous feed upon the reaction time. The experiments wereExpand
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MASCARA (Manejo del Síndrome Coronario Agudo. Registro Actualizado) study. General findings.
INTRODUCTION AND OBJECTIVES To investigate the clinical characteristics and treatment of acute coronary syndromes (ACS), and to determine the effects of an early invasive strategy (EIS) inExpand
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Assessment of the generation of chlorinated byproducts upon Fenton-like oxidation of chlorophenols at different conditions.
Homogeneous Fenton-like (H(2)O(2)/Fe(3+)) oxidation proved to be highly efficient in the degradation of monochlorophenols but some important issues need to be considered depending on the operatingExpand
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