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The minimal seed of turbulent transition in the boundary layer
Abstract This paper describes a scenario of transition from laminar to turbulent flow in a spatially developing boundary layer over a flat plate. The base flow is the Blasius non-parallel flowExpand
Investigation of the roughness-induced transition: global stability analyses and direct numerical simulations
Abstract The linear global instability and resulting transition to turbulence induced by an isolated cylindrical roughness element of height $h$ and diameter $d$ immersed within an incompressibleExpand
Spatially convective global modes in a boundary layer
The linear stability of a weakly nonparallel flow, the case of a flat plate boundary layer, is revisited by a linear global stability approach where the two spatial directions are taken asExpand
Model reduction for fluids using frequential snapshots
This paper deals with model reduction of high-order linear systems. An alternative method to approximate proper orthogonal decomposition (POD) and balanced truncation is exposed in this paper withinExpand
On the dynamics of axisymmetric turbulent separating/reattaching flows
The present work focuses on the intrinsic properties of an axisymmetric separating/reattaching flow. A numerical simulation of a compressible flow over a cylinder extended by another cylinder ofExpand
Large-Eddy Simulation of Broadband Unsteadiness in a Shock/Boundary-Layer Interaction
The simulation of low-frequency unsteadiness in shock wave/turbulent boundary-layer interactions constitutes a challenging case insofar as very long time integrations are required to describe theseExpand
Intermittency and transition to chaos in the cubical lid-driven cavity flow
Transition from steady state to intermittent chaos in the cubical lid-driven flow is investigated numerically. Fully three-dimensional stability analyses have revealed that the flow experiences anExpand
Optimal wave packets in a boundary layer and initial phases of a turbulent spot
The three-dimensional global optimal dynamics of a flat-plate boundary layer is studied by means of an adjoint-based optimization in a spatial domain of long – but finite – streamwise dimension. TheExpand
Comparison of Subgrid-scale Viscosity Models and Selective Filtering Strategy for Large-eddy Simulations
Explicitly filtered large-eddy simulations (LES), combining high-accuracy schemes with the use of a selective filtering without adding an explicit subgrid-scales model, are carried out for the Taylor-Green-vortex and the supersonic-boundary-layer cases. Expand
Nonlinear control of unsteady finite-amplitude perturbations in the Blasius boundary-layer flow
Abstract The present work provides an optimal control strategy, based on the nonlinear Navier–Stokes equations, aimed at hampering the rapid growth of unsteady finite-amplitude perturbations in aExpand