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Wage Bargaining with On-the-Job Search: Theory and Evidence
Most applications of Nash bargaining over wages ignore between-employer competition for labor services and attribute all of the workers' rent to their bargaining power. In this paper, we write andExpand
Equilibrium Wage Dispersion with Worker and Employer Heterogeneity
We construct and estimate an equilibrium search model with on–the–job–search. Firms make take–it–or–leave–it wage offers to workers conditional on their characteristics and they can respond to theExpand
Tenure, Experience, Human Capital, and Wages: A Tractable Equilibrium Search Model of Wage Dynamics
We develop and estimate an equilibrium job search model of worker careers, allowing for human capital accumulation, employer heterogeneity and individual-level shocks. Career wage growth isExpand
Equilibrium search with continuous productivity dispersion: theory and nonparametric estimation
In this article we develop an equilibrium search model with a continuous distribution of firm productivity types within a given labor market. We characterize equilibrium, derive expressions for theExpand
Estimation in Large and Disaggregated Demand Systems: An Estimator for Conditionally Linear Systems
Empirical demand systems that do not impose unreasonable restrictions on preferences are typically non-linear. We show, however, that all popular systems possess the property of conditionalExpand
The Empirical Content of the Job Search Model: Labor Mobility and Wage Distributions in Europe and the US
Job search models of the labor market hypothesize a very tight correspondence between the determinants of labor turnover and individual wage dynamics on one hand, and the determinants of wageExpand
An empirical equilibrium job search model with search on the job and heterogeneous workers and firms
In this article we present and estimate a synthesis of previous equilibrium search models, allowing for continuous distributions of workers' opportunity costs of employment as well as firms'Expand
This paper considers tests for the rank of a matrix for which a root-T consistent estimator is available. However, in contrast to tests associated with the minimum chi-square and asymptotic leastExpand
Matching, Sorting and Wages
We develop an empirical search-matching model which is suitable for analyzing the wage, employment and welfare impact of regulation in a labor market with heterogeneous workers and jobs. To achieveExpand
The Dynamics of Local Employment in France
We study the impact of local economic structure on employment dynamics. Local employment is decomposed into the product of the average plant size and the number of plants in the area and industry. WeExpand