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Antineoplastic Activity of Highly Purified Bacterial Glutaminases
SEVERAL lines of evidence motivated the treatment of neoplasms by glutaminase to cause glutamine deprivation. Certain tumour cells grown in tissue culture require glutamine at a level which isExpand
Low-estrogen receptor-positive breast cancer: the impact of tissue sampling, choice of antibody, and molecular subtyping.
The Pivotal Role of Macrophages in Metabolic Distress
Obesity is a prevalent condition with several associated co-morbidities including the development of metabolic diseases. In obesity there is immune cell infiltration into the white adipose tissue andExpand
Purification and Properties of a Highly Potent Antitumor Glutaminase-Asparaginase from Pseudomonas 7 A *
Crystalline glutaminase-asparaginase which is effective against solid as well as ascites tumors was prepared from soil isolate organism Pseudomonas 7A. This enzyme has a ratio of V,,,., forExpand
In vitro Cytocidal Effect of L-Glutaminase on Leukaemic Lymphocytes
MOUSE lymphomas, such as 6C3HED, undergo complete regression after one or more injections of L-asparaginase1, and remissions have been reported in some patients with acute leukaemia after treatmentExpand
Genotype, phenotype, and outcomes of nine patients with T‐B+NK+ SCID
Yu GP, Nadeau KC, Berk DR, de Saint Basile G, Lambert N, Knapnougel P, Roberts J, Kavanau K, Dunn E, Stiehm ER, Lewis DB, Umetsu DT, Puck JM, Cowan MJ. Genotype, phenotype, and outcomes of nineExpand
Active enzyme sedimentation of antitumor asparaginase and glutaminase enzymes
Abstract Active enzyme sedimentation of five asparaginase and glutaminase-asparaginase enzymes with antitumor activity was studied. The catalytically active species of each enzyme appeared to have aExpand
Role for Retinoic Acid-Related Orphan Receptor Alpha (RORα) Expressing Macrophages in Diet-Induced Obesity
The transcription factor RORα plays an important role in regulating circadian rhythm, inflammation, metabolism, and cellular development. Herein we show a role for RORα-expressing macrophages in theExpand
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