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Synthesis of a new element with atomic number Z = 117.
The measured decay properties show a strong rise of stability for heavier isotopes with Z > or = 111, validating the concept of the long sought island of enhanced stability for superheavy nuclei.
48Ca+249Bk fusion reaction leading to element Z = 117: long-lived α-decaying 270Db and discovery of 266Lr.
The superheavy element with atomic number Z=117 was produced as an evaporation residue in the (48)Ca+(249)Bk fusion reaction at the gas-filled recoil separator TASCA at GSI Darmstadt, Germany and a hitherto unknown α-decay branch in (270)Db was observed, which populated the new isotope (266)Lr.
Grain boundary sliding in polycrystalline materials
Abstract Delayed elastic phenomenon during high–temperature creep of polycrystalline materials is correlated with strain due to grain boundary sliding. This correlation has been used to develop a
Production and Decay of the Heaviest Nuclei
Yu. Ts. Oganessian,* F. Sh. Abdullin, C. Alexander, J. Binder, R. A. Boll, S. N. Dmitriev, J. Ezold, K. Felker, J.M. Gostic, R.K. Grzywacz, J. H. Hamilton, R. A. Henderson, M.G. Itkis, K. Miernik, D.
Review of even element super-heavy nuclei and search for element 120
Abstract.The reaction 54Cr$ + $248Cm was investigated at the velocity filter SHIP at GSI, Darmstadt, with the intention to study production and decay properties of isotopes of element 120. Three
Investigation of the $^{243}$Am+$^{48}$Ca reaction products previously observed in the experiments on elements 113, 115, and 117
Results from the production and decay properties of element 115 nuclei observed using the reaction ${}^{243}\mathrm{Am}+{}^{48}\mathrm{Ca}$ at various beam energies between November 1, 2010, and
Basic research needs for advanced nuclear energy systems
This article is reproduced from excerpts from the Report of the Basic Energy Sciences Workshop on Basic Research Needs for Advanced Nuclear Energy Systems, U.S. Department of Energy, October 2006,
Discovery of element 117: Super-heavy elements and the “island of stability”*
ABSTRACT Element 117 (tennessine) joined the periodic table in November 2016. Two tennessine isotopes were synthesized by bombarding 249Bk from Oak Ridge National Laboratory with 48Ca ions at the