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The DSSAT cropping system model
The decision support system for agrotechnology transfer (DSSAT) has been in use for the last 15 years by researchers worldwide. This package incorporates models of 16 different crops with softwareExpand
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Model for predicting evaporation from a row crop with incomplete cover
A model is presented for calculating the daily evaporation rate from a crop surface. It applies to a row crop canopy situation in which the soil water supply to the plant roots is not limited and theExpand
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Cereal growth, development and yield
The objective of the CERES crop simulation models is to predict the duration of growth, the average growth rates, and the amount of assimilate partitioned to the economic yield components of theExpand
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Soil water balance and plant water stress
The soil water balance is calculated in the DSSAT crop models in order to evaluate the possible yield reduction caused by soil and plant water deficits. The model evaluates the soil water balance ofExpand
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OILCROP-SUN : A development, growth, and yield model of the sunflower crop
Crop simulation models are important tools for agronomic management strategy evaluation, particularly under rainfed conditions. This paper describes the structure and testing of OILCROP-SUN, aExpand
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Wheat Phasic Development
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A comparison of the models AFRCWHEAT2, CERES-Wheat, Sirius, SUCROS2 and SWHEAT with measurements from wheat grown under drought
The predictions of five simulation models were compared with data from a winter sown wheat experiment performed in a mobile automatic rainshelter at Lincoln, New Zealand in 1991/1992, where observedExpand
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Soil water availability
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