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Multi-season climate synchronized historical fires in dry forests (1650-1900), northern Rockies, U.S.A.
The climate drivers of regionally synchronous fire years in dry forests of the U.S. northern Rockies were inferred, consistent with the greater influence of La Niña than El Niño conditions on the spring climate of this region. Expand
CALOCHORTUS NITIDUS Douglas (LILIACEAE). — Whitman County, Steptoe Butte, remnant native Palouse prairie grassland on north-facing slope, vicinity of 47.0334698, 117.3061488, 860–880 m, Riser 392 andExpand
Stapeliads of Southern Africa and Madagascar (volume I & II)
Stapeliads of Southern Africa and Madagascar consolidates many of White and Sloane’s species and genera and helps bring stapeliad taxonomy up-to-date. Expand
Crossdated Fire Histories (1650-1900) from Ponderosa Pine-Dominated Forests of Idaho and Western Montana
For a broader study of the climate drivers of regional-fire years in the Northern Rockies, we reconstructed a history of surface fires at 21 sites in Idaho and western Montana. We targeted sites thatExpand
A revision of generic boundaries and nomenclature in the North American cleomoid clade (Cleomaceae)
The family Cleomaceae is in need of taxonomic revision, which begins here with a set of taxa informally recognized as the North American cleomoid clade, and the option to create the single large genus Cleomella is proposed, and one new name is provided. Expand
Phylogenetic relationships among the North American cleomoids (Cleomaceae): a test of Iltis's reduction series.
The authors' well-resolved phylogeny supports most of the current species circumscription but not current generic circumscriptions, and results are inconsistent with Iltis's hypothesis of species with elongated many-seed fruits giving rise to species with truncated few-seeded fruits. Expand
Genetics and Ecological Niche Define Species Boundaries in the Dwarf Milkweed Clade (Asclepias: Asclepiadoideae: Apocynaceae)
Multiple lines of evidence reinforce the hypothesis that the dwarf milkweed clade is composed of four morphologically similar but genetically and ecologically distinct species. Expand
Platanthera ephemerantha R.M.Bateman (ORCHIDACEAE). —Clearwater County, Elk Creek Falls trail, east-facing slope of Tick Ridge in mixed conifer forest, vicinity of 46.7359308, 116.1802208, elev.Expand
Novel microsatellite development and characterization for Phacelia formosula (Hydrophyllaceae)1
These microsatellite markers will be useful in assessing genetic diversity, structuring, and gene flow within and among populations of the rare P. formosula and related Phacelia species, and will provide important genetic data needed for appropriate conservation and management. Expand