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Pygeum africanum extract for the treatment of patients with benign prostatic hyperplasia: A review of 25 years of published experience
Clinical tolerability of the extract was excellent, with most studies reporting the complete absence of any adverse effects, and the recent resurgence of interest in nonsurgical treatments for this condition should prompt a reappraisal of P africanum extract. Expand
Effects of tadenan pretreatment on bladder physiology and biochemistry following partial outlet obstruction.
Tadenan pretreatment protected the bladder from both the contractile and metabolic dysfunctions induced by partial outlet obstruction and showed a significant protective effect on the contractiles responses to field stimulation, bethanechol, and KCl at 3, 5, 7, and 14 days of obstruction. Expand
Protective effect of Tadenan on bladder function secondary to partial outlet obstruction.
It is demonstrated that Tadenan pretreatment protected the bladder from the contractile dysfunctions induced by partial outlet obstruction and resulted in a significant protective effect on thecontractile responses to field stimulation, bethanechol and KCl. Expand
Nitric-oxide releasing molecules: a new class of drugs with several major indications.
General aspects on NO and NO donors are reviewed, major focus is placed upon recent developments of novel NO donors, NO releasing device(s) as well as innovative improvements to conventional NO donors. Expand
Antiproliferative effect of Pygeum africanum extract on rat prostatic fibroblasts.
Results show that Pygeum africanum is a potent inhibitor of rat prostatic fibroblast proliferation in response to direct activators of protein kinase C, the defined growth factors bFGF, EGF and IGF-I, and the complex mixture of mitogens in serum depending on the concentration used. Expand
Nitrosulindac (NCX 1102): A new nitric oxide‐donating non‐steroidal anti‐inflammatory drug (NO‐NSAID), inhibits proliferation and induces apoptosis in human prostatic epithelial cell lines
The aim of our study was to explore the anti‐tumoral potential of the Nitric Oxide‐Donating Non‐Steroidal Anti‐Inflammatory Drugs (NO‐NSAID) NCX1102 (nitrosulindac), on three human prostaticExpand
Antiproliferative effect of nitrosulindac (NCX 1102), a new nitric oxide-donating non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drug, on human bladder carcinoma cell lines.
Results demonstrated a greater antiproliferative potency of NCX 1102 compared to its parent molecule sulindac, and suggested that this new NO-NSAID may have therapeutic impact in the management of bladder cancer. Expand
Effects of five alpha-blockers on the hypogastric nerve stimulation of the canine lower urinary tract.
Intravenous injections of prazosin, phentolamine, thymoxamine, phenoxybenzamine and yohimbine inhibited the urethral pressure increase in a dose-dependent manner, but the increase in bladder pressure was not modified by these alpha-blockers. Expand
α1- and α2-adrenoceptors in the smooth muscle of mal and female rabbit urethra
The order of potencies of various adrenergic compounds in inhibiting radioligand binding suggested that prazosin andrauwolscine interacted in the urethra with sites having the characteristics of α 1 - and α 2 -adrenoceptors, respectively. Expand
Evidence for non-adrenergic binding sites for [3H]idazoxan in the smooth muscle of rabbit urethra.
Results were consistent with the existence of non-alpha 2-adrenoceptor sites for [3H]idazoxan in the rabbit urethral smooth muscle. Expand