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The Impacts of Pulsed Reintroduction of River Water on a Mississippi Delta Coastal Basin
Abstract During the twentieth century about 25% of the wetlands of the Mississippi delta was lost, partially a result of isolation of the river from the delta. River diversions are being implementedExpand
Invasion trajectory of Pacific oysters in the northern Wadden Sea
F feral C. gigas at the current invasion fronts in British estuaries and Scandinavian fjords may show similar adjustment trajectories as observed in the northern Wadden Sea, and also other marine introductions may follow the invasion trajectory of Pacific oysters. Expand
Nutrient-phytoplankton-zooplankton models with a toxin
Numerical simulations demonstrate that the models of nutrient-plankton interaction with a toxic substance can have multiple attractors when the phytoplankton's nutrient uptake rate is inhibited by the toxin. Expand
Size distributions of coastal ocean suspended particulate inorganic matter: Amorphous silica and clay minerals and their dynamics
Particulate inorganic matter (PIM) is a key component in estuarine and coastal systems and plays a critical role in trace metal cycling. Better understanding of coastal dynamics and biogeochemistryExpand
Wadden Sea Eutrophication: Long-Term Trends and Regional Differences
The Wadden Sea is a shallow intertidal coastal sea, largely protected by barrier islands and fringing the North Sea coasts of The Netherlands, Germany and Denmark. It is subject to influences fromExpand
Occurrence of a Cylindrospermopsis Bloom in Louisiana
It is likely that C. raciborskii has been established in this region and future blooms can be expected, and a monitoring program should be implemented. Expand