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Genetic Algorithms with Sharing for Multimodalfunction Optimization
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Enhancing the usability of a task analysis method: a notation and environment for requirements specification.
This paper presents a notation and computer-based tool for the Sub-Goal Template (SGT) method, a task-analytic approach to specifying information requirements. In particular, it focuses upon theExpand
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Psychotherapy and new religions in a pluralistic society.
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Genetic Algorithms Applications to Set Covering and Traveling Salesman Problems
For set covering problems, genetic algorithms with two types of crossover operators are investigated in conjunction with three penalty function and two multiobjective formulations. Expand
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Sequences responsible for the distinctive hemolytic potentials of Friend and Moloney murine leukemia viruses are dispersed but confined to the psi-gag-PR region.
Friend and Moloney murine leukemia viruses (F- and M-MuLV) induce distinct diseases in hematopoietic tissues following inoculation of newborn mice of susceptible strains. F-MuLV inducesExpand
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Factors Regulating Morphogenesis in Coccidioides Immitis
The parasitic cycle of Coccidioides immitis is unique among the human systemic fungal pathogens. However, at the level of cell wall biosynthesis and modification C. immitis demonstrates featuresExpand
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The diagnostic wax-up: an aid in treatment planning.
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Techniques of production control
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