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Effect of Neck Muscle Strength and Anticipatory Cervical Muscle Activation on the Kinematic Response of the Head to Impulsive Loads
Background: Greater neck strength and activating the neck muscles to brace for impact are both thought to reduce an athlete’s risk of concussion during a collision by attenuating the head’s kinematicExpand
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Effects of surface irregularity and lighting on step variability during gait: a study in healthy young and older women.
Relatively few studies have examined how uneven surfaces affect human gait. To study this, along with the effects of advancing age and low light conditions, we measured step width and step timeExpand
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Pilot evaluation of a novel clinical test of reaction time in national collegiate athletic association division I football players.
CONTEXT Evidence suggests that concussion prolongs reaction time (RT). We have developed a simple, reliable clinical tool for measuring reaction time that may be of value in the assessment ofExpand
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A focused exercise regimen improves clinical measures of balance in patients with peripheral neuropathy.
OBJECTIVE To determine the effect of a specific exercise regimen on clinical measures of postural stability and confidence in a population with peripheral neuropathy (PN). DESIGN Prospective,Expand
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Peripheral neuropathy: a true risk factor for falls.
BACKGROUND Several studies have recently linked peripheral nerve dysfunction in the elderly with postural instability and falls. Many causes of peripheral neuropathy (PN) have the potential forExpand
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The Relationship between Electromyographically Documented Peripheral Neuropatny and Falls
Objective: To determine if the presence of an electromyographically demonstrated peripheral polyneuropathy involving the lower extremities is associated with falls.
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Unipedal stance testing as an indicator of fall risk among older outpatients.
OBJECTIVE To test the hypothesis that a decreased unipedal stance time (UST) is associated with a history of falling among older persons. DESIGN Fifty-three subjects underwent a standardizedExpand
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Hip, knee, and foot pain during pregnancy and the postpartum period.
BACKGROUND Although much has been written about low back pain during pregnancy, there are few studies regarding leg, foot, and hip pain. The purpose of this study was to investigate the prevalenceExpand
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Effect of sport-related concussion on clinically measured simple reaction time
Background Reaction time (RT) is a valuable component of the sport concussion assessment battery. RT is typically measured using computers running specialised software, which limits its applicabilityExpand
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Gender, body mass and age as risk factors for ulnar mononeuropathy at the elbow
Factors that predispose patients to ulnar mononeuropathy at the elbow (UME) are poorly defined. We compared 112 electrodiagnostic reports which met criteria for definite or probable UME to 104Expand
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