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Glioma stem cells promote radioresistance by preferential activation of the DNA damage response
Ionizing radiation represents the most effective therapy for glioblastoma (World Health Organization grade IV glioma), one of the most lethal human malignancies, but radiotherapy remains onlyExpand
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Stem cell-like glioma cells promote tumor angiogenesis through vascular endothelial growth factor.
Malignant gliomas are highly lethal cancers dependent on angiogenesis. Critical tumor subpopulations within gliomas share characteristics with neural stem cells. We examined the potential of stemExpand
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Hypoxia-inducible factors regulate tumorigenic capacity of glioma stem cells.
Glioblastomas are lethal cancers characterized by florid angiogenesis promoted in part by glioma stem cells (GSCs). Because hypoxia regulates angiogenesis, we examined hypoxic responses in GSCs. WeExpand
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Cancer stem cells in glioblastoma.
Tissues with defined cellular hierarchies in development and homeostasis give rise to tumors with cellular hierarchies, suggesting that tumors recapitulate specific tissues and mimic their origins.Expand
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The hypoxic microenvironment maintains glioblastoma stem cells and promotes reprogramming towards a cancer stem cell phenotype
Glioblastomas are highly lethal cancers that contain cellular hierarchies with self-renewing cancer stem cells that can propagate tumors in secondary transplant assays. The potential significance ofExpand
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Integrin alpha 6 regulates glioblastoma stem cells.
Cancer stem cells (CSCs) are a subpopulation of tumor cells suggested to be critical for tumor maintenance, metastasis, and therapeutic resistance. Prospective identification and targeting of CSCsExpand
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Periostin potently promotes metastatic growth of colon cancer by augmenting cell survival via the Akt/PKB pathway.
Molecular mechanisms associated with tumor metastasis remain poorly understood. Here we report that acquired expression of periostin by colon cancer cells greatly promoted metastatic development ofExpand
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Glioblastoma Stem Cells Generate Vascular Pericytes to Support Vessel Function and Tumor Growth
Glioblastomas (GBMs) are highly vascular and lethal brain tumors that display cellular hierarchies containing self-renewing tumorigenic glioma stem cells (GSCs). Because GSCs often reside inExpand
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Phosphorylation of EZH2 activates STAT3 signaling via STAT3 methylation and promotes tumorigenicity of glioblastoma stem-like cells.
Glioblastoma multiforme (GBM) displays cellular hierarchies harboring a subpopulation of stem-like cells (GSCs). Enhancer of Zeste Homolog 2 (EZH2), the lysine methyltransferase of PolycombExpand
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HIF induces human embryonic stem cell markers in cancer cells.
Low oxygen levels have been shown to promote self-renewal in many stem cells. In tumors, hypoxia is associated with aggressive disease course and poor clinical outcomes. Furthermore, many aggressiveExpand
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