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Postural control in children with strabismus: Effect of eye surgery
The purpose of this study was to examine the postural control in children with strabismus before and after eye surgery. Control of posture is a complex multi-sensorial process relying on visual,Expand
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Orientation-restricted continuous visual exposure induces marked reorganization of orientation maps in early life
To elucidate the effect of visual experience on the development of orientation maps, we conducted intrinsic signal optical imaging of the visual cortex of kittens that were continuously exposed to aExpand
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A Postnatal Critical Period for Orientation Plasticity in the Cat Visual Cortex
Orientation selectivity of primary visual cortical neurons is an important requisite for shape perception. Although numerous studies have been previously devoted to a question of how orientationExpand
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Parallel development of orientation maps and spatial frequency selectivity in cat visual cortex
In an early stage of the postnatal development of cats, orientation maps mature and spatial frequency selectivity is consolidated. To investigate the time course of orientation map maturationExpand
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The hemodynamic signal as a first-order low-pass temporal filter: Evidence and implications for neuroimaging studies
ABSTRACT Neuronal activation triggers local changes in blood flow and hemoglobin oxygenation. These hemodynamic signals can be recorded through functional magnetic resonance imaging or intrinsicExpand
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Online analysis method for intrinsic signal optical imaging
The intrinsic optical imaging technique has been widely applied for the visualization of functional maps in the sensory cortices of mammals. Many current studies refer this mapping in order to focusExpand
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Sound frequency representation in cat auditory cortex
Using the intrinsic signal optical recording technique, we reconstructed the two-dimensional pattern of stimulus-evoked neuronal activities in the auditory cortex of anesthetized and paralyzed cats.Expand
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Anisotropy in the representation of direction preferences in cat area 18
Higher visual cortical areas are involved in the perception of complex stimuli, such as the optic flow created by self‐motion. On the other hand, area 18 is thought to extract primitive visualExpand
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Chronically mountable goggles for persistent exposure to single orientation
To examine the effect of experience on the developmental plasticity of functional maps in the visual cortex, we need to establish a method for a stable visual experience manipulation under the freelyExpand
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A Mouse Model for Conditional Secretion of Specific Single-Chain Antibodies Provides Genetic Evidence for Regulation of Cortical Plasticity by a Non-cell Autonomous Homeoprotein Transcription Factor
During postnatal life the cerebral cortex passes through critical periods of plasticity allowing its physiological adaptation to the environment. In the visual cortex, critical period onset andExpand
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