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Cation Exchange Capacity
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Effects of Liquid-phase Electrical Conductivity, Water Content, and Surface Conductivity on Bulk Soil Electrical Conductivity1
Recent research has demonstrated that field soil salinity can be inferred from four-electrode soil electrical conductivity (ECa), if the soil profile is near "field capacity" and calibration curves,Expand
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Soil salinity assessment :methods and interpretation of electrical conductivity measurements
This paper presents updated technology for assessing soil salinity based on measurement of electrical conductivity. The technology has been extensively and successfully field tested, and it is sound,Expand
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Soil Electrical Conductivity and Soil Salinity: New Formulations and Calibrations
A new model describing the relation between bulk soil electrical conductivity (EC,), volumetric content (0W) and electrical conductivity of soil water (EC») is given along with supporting evidenceExpand
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Effects of Clay Type and Content, Exchangeable Sodium Percentage, and Electrolyte Concentration on Clay Dispersion and Soil Hydraulic Conductivity
The hydraulic conductivities and gradients along soil columns packed with montmorillonitic, vermiculitic, and kaolinitic soils adjusted to different levels of exchangeable sodium were determined atExpand
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Leaching requirement for soil salinity control: Steady-state versus transient models
Water scarcity and increased frequency of drought conditions, resulting from erratic weather attributable to climatic change or alterations in historical weather patterns, have caused greaterExpand
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Time-Domain Reflectometry: Simultaneous Measurement of Soil Water Content and Electrical Conductivity with a Single Probe
Two parallel metallic rods were used as a wave guide to measure the dielectric constant and electrical conductivity of soils having different electrical conductivities but the same water content.Expand
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