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Three‐dimensional modal pushover analysis of buildings subjected to two components of ground motion, including its evaluation for tall buildings
The modal pushover analysis (MPA) procedure, presently restricted to one horizontal component of ground motion, is extended to three‐dimensional analysis of buildings—symmetric or unsymmetric in
How Many Records Should be used in an ASCE/SEI-7 Ground Motion Scaling Procedure?
U.S. national building codes refer to the ASCE/SEI-7 provisions for selecting and scaling ground motions for use in nonlinear response history analysis of structures. Because the limiting values for
Basic data features and results from a spatially dense seismic array on the San Jacinto fault zone
Yehuda Ben-Zion,1 Frank L. Vernon,2 Yaman Ozakin,1 Dimitri Zigone,1 Zachary E. Ross,1 Haoran Meng,1 Malcolm White,2 Juan Reyes,2 Dan Hollis3 and Mitchell Barklage3 1Department of Earth Sciences,
Evaluation of three‐dimensional modal pushover analysis for unsymmetric‐plan buildings subjected to two components of ground motion
The accuracy of the three‐dimensional modal pushover analysis (MPA) procedure in estimating seismic demands for unsymmetric‐plan buildings due to two horizontal components of ground motion,
Approximately one fifth of the world’s population and some 35 million people in South America inhabit adobe and rammed earth constructions. These buildings have demonstrated poor seismic behavior in
The Array Network Facility Seismic Bulletin: Products and an Unbiased View of United States Seismicity
Online Material: Movies of temporal deployment of USArray and seismicity: event processing flow chart; travel‐time and magnitude statistics plots; tables of earthquake catalogs, magnitude bias, and
The USArray Transportable Array as a Platform for Weather Observation and Research
AbstractThe USArray Transportable Array (TA), a component of the National Science Foundation’s EarthScope Initiative, has proven to be a successful model for large-scale real-time monitoring
Estimating Seismic Demands for Performance-Based Engineering of Buildings
Author(s): Reyes, Juan Carlos | Advisor(s): Chopra, Anil K | Abstract: Earthquake engineering practice is increasingly using performance-based procedures for evaluating existing buildings and
Modal Pushover-Based Scaling of Two Components of Ground Motion Records for Nonlinear RHA of Structures
The modal-pushover-based-scaling (MPS) procedure, currently restricted to scale one component of ground motion records, is extended herein to scale two horizontal components. The accuracy and