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OpenFlow: enabling innovation in campus networks
This whitepaper proposes OpenFlow: a way for researchers to run experimental protocols in the networks they use every day. OpenFlow is based on an Ethernet switch, with an internal flow-table, and aExpand
Rethinking virtual network embedding: substrate support for path splitting and migration
This paper simplifies virtual link embedding by allowing the substrate network to split a virtual link over multiple substrate paths and employing path migration to periodically re-optimize the utilization of the substrates network. Expand
P4: programming protocol-independent packet processors
This paper proposes P4 as a strawman proposal for how OpenFlow should evolve in the future, and describes how to use P4 to configure a switch to add a new hierarchical label. Expand
Abstractions for network update
This paper introduces the notion of consistent network updates---updates that are guaranteed to preserve well-defined behaviors when transitioning mbetween configurations, and identifies two distinct consistency levels, per-packet and per-flow. Expand
Characterizing the Internet hierarchy from multiple vantage points
The topological structure of the Internet in terms of customer-provider and peer-peer relationships between autonomous systems, as manifested in BGP routing policies, is investigated and a five-level classification of AS is proposed. Expand
Frenetic: a network programming language
Frenetic provides a declarative query language for classifying and aggregating network traffic as well as a functional reactive combinator library for describing high-level packet-forwarding policies that facilitates modular reasoning and enables code reuse. Expand
Dynamic scheduling of network updates
Dionysus is presented, a system for fast, consistent network updates in software-defined networks that encodes as a graph the consistency-related dependencies among updates at individual switche... Expand
Stable internet routing without global coordination
This paper proposes a set of guidelines for an AS to follow in setting its routing policies, without requiring coordination with other ASs, and proves that following these guidelines guarantees route convergence. Expand
Composing Software Defined Networks
A new abstract packet model is defined that allows programmers to extend packets with virtual fields that may be used to associate packets with high-level meta-data and is realized in Pyretic, an imperative, domain-specific language embedded in Python. Expand
The road to SDN: an intellectual history of programmable networks
The intellectual history of programmable networks, including active networks, early efforts to separate the control and data plane, and more recent work on OpenFlow and network operating systems are traced. Expand