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Stable isotope analyses reveal predation on amphibians by a globally invasive fish (Gambusia holbrooki)
Biodiversity loss caused by invasive species is particularly problematic in freshwater ecosystems, which are among the world's most threatened habitats. Invasive fish such as the easternExpand
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Production of bio-fuels and chemicals by microwave-assisted, catalytic, hydrothermal liquefaction (MAC-HTL) of a mixture of pine and spruce biomass
This work firstly addresses the microwave-assisted, catalytic, hydrothermal liquefaction (MAC-HTL) of a mixture of pine and spruce biomass, examining the effects of the temperature (150–250 °C),Expand
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Toward Renewable-Based, Food-Applicable Prebiotics from Biomass: A One-Step, Additive-Free, Microwave-Assisted Hydrothermal Process for the Production of High Purity Xylo-oligosaccharides from Beech
Xylooligosaccharides (XOS) produced from biomass offer a plethora of excellent physicochemical and physiological properties to be used as natural prebiotic nutraceuticals. Herein, this work firstExpand
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Analysis and optimisation of a novel “bio-brewery” approach: Production of bio-fuels and bio-chemicals by microwave-assisted, hydrothermal liquefaction of brewers’ spent grains
Abstract This work firstly explores the feasibility of using a novel microwave-assisted, catalysed, hydrothermal process for the valorisation of brewers’ spent grains (BSGs), examining the effects ofExpand
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A ‘Trojan horse strategy’ for the development of a renewable leather tanning agent produced via an AlCl3-catalyzed cellulose depolymerization
The development of renewable and non-toxic tanning agents substantially contributes toward the sustainable expansion of the leather industry. Herein, we report a green methodology to synthesize aExpand
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Connectivité fonctionnelle en paysage fragmenté : apport des données génétiques et démographiques pour étudier l'impact multi-spécifique des infrastructures linéaires de transport
La mise en place des reseaux de continuites ecologiques dans les paysages necessite l'estimation de la connectivite fonctionnelle, particulierement lorsque ces paysages sont fragmentes par lesExpand
Patterns of gene flow across multiple anthropogenic infrastructures: Insights from a multi-species approach
Large-scale Transportation Infrastructures (LTIs) are among the main determinants of landscape fragmentation, with strong impacts on animal dispersal movements and metapopulation functioning.Expand
Estimating the permeability of linear infrastructures using recapture data
We developed a method based on Mark-Release-Recapture surveys to estimate barrier effects of Large-scale Transportation Infrastructures that could be easily applied in various landscape contexts and on any mobile species. Expand
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Analysis and optimisation of a microwave-assisted hydrothermal process for the production of value-added chemicals from glycerol
This work addresses an alternative and green route for glycerol upgrading recently highlighted as a potentially critical aspect of the economic and environmental viability of future biodiesel-basedExpand
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