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Toxoplasmic encephalitis in AIDS.
This commentary comprises an update of their initial review of T. gondii and a presentation of the current approaches to diagnosing and managing toxoplasmic encephalitis in HIV-infected patients. Expand
Risk factors for Toxoplasma gondii infection in the United States.
In the United States, exposure to certain raw or undercooked foods and exposure to kittens are risk factors for T. gondii infection and knowledge of these risk factors will help to target prevention efforts. Expand
Infectious Diseases of the Fetus and Newborn Infant
Infectious diseases of the fetus and newborn infant, Infectious diseases against pregnant women and newborn infants, and how to identify these diseases and treat them. Expand
Direct agglutination test for diagnosis of Toxoplasma infection: method for increasing sensitivity and specificity
A method that increases the sensitivity and specificity of the direct agglutination (AG) test for diagnosis of Toxoplasma gondii infection is described and would provide a simple and inexpensive means for the surveillance of seronegative women during pregnancy and for detection of seroconversions. Expand
Management of Toxoplasma gondii infection during pregnancy.
Systematic education and serological screening of pregnant women are the most reliable and currently available strategies for the prevention, diagnosis, and early treatment of the infection in the offspring; this is largely because toxoplasmosis in pregnant women most often goes unrecognized. Expand
Interferon-gamma: the major mediator of resistance against Toxoplasma gondii.
The fact that an antibody to interferon-gamma can eliminate resistance to acute Toxoplasma infection in mice suggests that this lymphokine is an important mediator of host resistance to this parasite. Expand
Association of CD4+ T cell-dependent, interferon-gamma-mediated necrosis of the small intestine with genetic susceptibility of mice to peroral infection with Toxoplasma gondii
Results indicate that IFN- gamma mediates necrosis in the ilea of B6 mice after infection, whereas the same cytokine plays a critical role in the resistance of genetically resistant BALB/c mice. Expand
Recent Developments for Diagnosis of Toxoplasmosis
There are four groups of individuals in whom the diagnosis of toxoplasmosis is most critical: pregnant women who acquire their infection during gestation, fetuses and newborns who are congenitallyExpand
Expression, characterization, and serologic reactivity of recombinant surface antigen P22 of Toxoplasma gondii
The utility of recombinant Toxoplasma Gondii surface antigen P22 for the detection of specific T. gondii antibodies in human sera was evaluated and it retained its immunoreactivity and its electrophoretic mobility in polyacrylamide gels was found to be similar to that of native P22. Expand
Serodiagnosis of Recently Acquired Toxoplasma gondii Infection Using an Enzyme-Linked Immunosorbent Assay with a Combination of Recombinant Antigens
The Comb-ELISA may be useful for diagnosis of toxoplasmosis in pregnant women and for differentiation between recently acquired infections and infections acquired in the more distant past. Expand