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Effect of atmospheric pollution on paper stability
Nous avons analyse l'effet de divers polluants a divers degres sur les changements de proprietes de sept papiers dont le type de pâte et l'acidite etait differents. La diminution de la retention duExpand
AbstractThe moisture content of photographic film is a critical feature that influences physical properties, mold growth, and chemical stability. It is characterized by the moisture equilibriumExpand
FINAL REPORT TO National Endowment for the Humanities Division of Preservation and Access NEH GRANT # PA-50123-03 THE PRESERVATION OF MAGNETIC TAPE COLLECTIONS : A PERSPECTIVE
This report retraces IPI's approach to the preservation of magnetic media. It reports on information gathered from the field and focuses on the major issues related to preserving magnetic media. TheExpand
Use of Micro-Environments for the Preservation of Cellulose Triacetate Photographic Film*
Film archivists have the option of storing film in a climate-controlled macroenvironment or in a microenvironment. This research evaluates the effectiveness of the latter to control the stability ofExpand
Stability of Black-and-White Photographic Images, with Special Reference to Microfilm
The stability of black-and-white photographic images (i.e., those consisting of a metallic silver image) is a significant issue for archival collections. It is important because both pictorial imagesExpand