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Biodiversity, Nitrogen Deposition, and CO2 Affect Grassland Soil Carbon Cycling but not Storage
Grasslands are globally widespread and capable of storing large amounts of carbon (C) in soils, and are generally experiencing increasing atmospheric CO2, nitrogen (N) deposition, and biodiversity
An attainable global vision for conservation and human well-being
A hopeful vision of the future is a world in which both people and nature thrive, but there is little evidence to support the feasibility of such a vision. We used a global, spatially explicit,
Temperature effects on the blood oxygen affinity in sharks
In fish, regional endothermy (i.e., the capacity to significantly elevate tissue temperatures above ambient via vascular heat exchangers) in the red swimming muscles (RM) has evolved only in a few
Liana competition with tropical trees varies seasonally but not with tree species identity.
Under the predicted global change scenario of increased temperature and drought intensity, competition from lianas may become more prevalent in seasonal tropical forests, which, according to the data, should have a negative effect on most tropical tree species.
Short and Long-Term Soil Moisture Effects of Liana Removal in a Seasonally Moist Tropical Forest
Large-scale liana removal experiment in a seasonal tropical moist forest in central Panama indicates that lianas influence hydrologic processes, which may affect tree community dynamics and forest carbon cycling.
Linking Precipitation Patterns to Stream Nitrogen Fluxes
Non-equilbrium dynamics of ecosystem processes in a changing world
  • J. Reid
  • Environmental Science
  • 1 September 2013
The relatively mild and stable climate of the last 10,000 years betrays a history of environmental variability and rapid changes. Humans have recently accelerated global environmental change,