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Data-Based Meridional Overturning Streamfunctions for the Global Ocean
Abstract The meridional overturning circulation for the Atlantic, Pacific, and Indian Oceans is computed from absolute geostrophic velocity estimates based on hydrographic data and fromExpand
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On the total geostrophic circulation of the pacific ocean: flow patterns, tracers, and transports
Abstract The South Atlantic Ocean receives waters from the North Atlantic, the Weddell Sea, and from the Circumpolar Current through the Drake Passage. The circumpolar and North Atlantic waters areExpand
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Intermediate Waters of the Pacific Ocean
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Abyssal characteristics of the World Ocean waters
Abstract The abyssal characteristics of the World Ocean, including not only temperature but salinity, density, oxygen, and silica, are displayed on both maps and vertical sections to examine theExpand
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On the contribution of the Mediterranean Sea outflow to the Norwegian-Greenland Sea
Abstract In an earlier paper dealing with the mid-depth (1000 m) circulation of the North Atlantic Ocean, the water from the Mediterranean outflow, seen as a high-salinity subsurface layer, was shownExpand
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On the origins of deep and bottom waters of the Indian Ocean
The characteristics of the deep and bottom waters of the Indian Ocean, when illustrated on potential-density anomaly surfaces, indicate that the waters enter from both the Atlantic and PacificExpand
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On the Characteristics and Circulation of the Southwestern Atlantic Ocean
Abstract The waters found within the southwestern Atlantic Ocean extend into it as separate lavers with markedly different characteristics. Along the western boundary the deeper waters, derived fromExpand
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Distribution of nitrate, phosphate and silicate in the world oceans
Abstract This study describes the global horizontal distributions of the plant nutrients phosphate, nitrate and silicic acid, with depth, on a one-degree latitude-longitude grid. The source of theExpand
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Circulation of tritium in the Pacific Ocean
Abstract The input of bomb tritium into the high-latitude Northern Hemisphere waters has demonstrated the spread of a tracer in three dimensions in the North Pacific Ocean. Subsurface tritium maximaExpand
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Characteristics and circulation of deep and abyssal waters
Abstract The deep and abyssal potential temperature and salinity of the major areas of the world ocean have been re-examined in the hope that recent data may extend the conventional concepts of theExpand
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