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Revision of Medinilla (Melastomataceae) of Borneo
Forty-eight species of Medinilla are now known from Borneo, 28 of which are described as new. At least 20 taxa are known only from one to three collections. Eleven species groups have been recognizedExpand
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Advanced glycosylation end products in skin, serum, saliva and urine and its association with complications of patients with Type 2 diabetes mellitus
Background: The accumulation of advanced glycation end products (AGEs) has a key role in the pathophysiology of diabetes complications. Comparison of AGEs measurement in serum, skin, saliva and urineExpand
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Revision of Philippine Medinilla (Melastomataceae)
The Philippine species of Medinilla (Melastomataceae) are revised and a total of eighty species are recognized for the Philippine archipelago, one of the centres of diversity of Medinilla. TheExpand
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Vanishing Treasures of the Philippine Rain Forest
Preface by John W. McCarter, Jr. Foreword by Angel C. Alcala Discovering Diversity Lawrence R. Heaney The Origins and Dimensions of Biodiversity in the Philippines Lawrence R. Heaney VanishingExpand
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An International Collaborative Program To Discover New Drugs from Tropical Biodiversity of Vietnam and Laos
An International Cooperative Biodiversity Group (ICBG) program based at the University of Illinois at Chicago initiated its activities in 1998, with the following specific objectives: (a) inventoryExpand
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Actephilol A and epiactephilol A: two novel aromatic terpenoids isolated from Actephila excelsa
An investigation into the chemical constituents of a crude MeOH extract from a specimen of Actephila excelsa (family Euphorbiaceae), led to the isolation of two new epimeric aromatic terpenoids,Expand
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Transfer of Villarsia cambodiana to Nymphoides (Menyanthaceae)
Abstract Specimens of Villarsia cambodiana (Menyanthaceae), the only tropical Villarsia species, were collected from Vietnam, where the species had not been recorded. Molecular data were used toExpand
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An unusual new species of Trevesia from Vietnam and its implications on generic delimitation in Araliaceae
Trevesia vietnamensis J. Wen & P.K. L?c (Araliaceae) is described as an unusual new species from northwestern Vietnam. This species has 4?5-merous flowers with a 4-5-locular ovary and palmatelyExpand
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