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Mistletoe specialist frugivores: latterday ‘Johnny Appleseeds’ or self-serving market gardeners?
Many plants use birds to disperse their propagules, but mistletoes are especially reliant on their services. As aerial parasites, mistletoe seeds need to be deposited upon branches of suitable hosts,Expand
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A simple parametric method for reducing sample sizes in gut passage time trials.
Seed dispersal is now regularly analyzed using spatially explicit models, relying in part on frugivore gut passage times to produce model outputs. In determining species-specific gut passage times,Expand
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The restricted seed rain of a mistletoe specialist
Specialist frugivores are the dominant consumers of mistletoe fruit in many regions and have been shown to intensify infections of host plants as a result of their rapid gut passage rates andExpand
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Implications of movement patterns of a dietary generalist for mistletoe seed dispersal
Mistletoes are dispersed primarily by frugivorous birds and have highly aggregated distributions at multiple scales. Mistletoe specialist frugivores have been found to intensify infections withinExpand
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Fluctuations in use of urban roost and foraging sites in Darwin by Pied Herons (Ardea picata)
Pied Herons (Ardea picata) are a common bird of Australia’s north, strongly associated with shallow freshwater wetland and estuarine habitats. However they also use urban sites for foraging, and inExpand
Dancing clowns: Display behaviour between two White-faced Robins Tregellasia leucops
Elaborate courtship and agonistic behaviours are common in some avian families. Here we describe an observation of ritualised 'dance' behaviour for the White-faced Robin Tregellasia leucopsExpand
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Presence and breeding of the Spiny-cheeked Honeyeater in central New South Wales
The seasonal presence and breeding of the Spiny-cheeked Honeyeater Acanthagenys rufogularis , a nomadic frugivorous bird distributed across inland Australia, are documented and contrasted for threeExpand