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Beyond Product Cycles and Flying Geese: Regionalization, Hierarchy, and the Industrialization of East Asia
Product cycle theory as expressed in the analogy of flying geese has become a widely accepted way of conceptualizing industrial diffusion across East Asia. As the product cycle is repeated for
Multilateralising regionalism: what role for the Trans-Pacific Partnership Agreement?
Abstract The Asia-Pacific region is home to a large and rapidly growing number of preferential trade agreements (PTAs). These agreements differ widely in design, scope and purpose. The “noodle bowl”
APEC and the Construction of Pacific Rim Regionalism
1. The construction of regional inter-governmental collaboration 2. The construction of APEC 3. The institutionalization of APEC 4. Regimes and compliance 5. APEC as a regional regime 6. APEC and
The ‘new East Asian regionalism’: A political domino effect
ABSTRACT The proliferation of regional economic agreements involving East Asian economies in the years since the financial crises is usually explained in the political economy literature by reference
Fighting irrelevance: an economic community ‘with ASEAN characteristics’ 1
Abstract Contrary to expectations at the time, the financial crises of 1997–98 may have strengthened ASEAN. The backlash against a perceived unsympathetic Western response put ASEAN at center stage
Politics and Society in Contemporary Africa
Constraint and choice - the diversity of African politics. Part 1 The structures of politics: state institutions and the organization of the public arena social groupings ethnicity, class and the
The new bilateralism in the Asia Pacific
For most of the past half-century, Western Pacific countries largely eschewed preferential trade agreements. Their preferred form of trade liberalisation was unilateral action on a non-discriminatory
Global value chains and development
ABSTRACT The adoption of the Global Value Chains framework by Multilateral Economic Institutions has led to the introduction of broader and more heterodox views of development into official
Is China an Economic Threat to Southeast Asia
Analysis of data on flows and stocks refutes the argument that China and Southeast Asia are engaged in a zero-sum competition for foreign investment. Although Southeast Asia appears to have lost out
The Trans-Pacific Partnership: The TPP
The proposed TPP is expansive in scope. It has been under negotiation for nearly ten years and, if approved, will affect forty percent of U.S. imports and exports. Countries engaged in TPP talks