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Utilisation des graines de Légumineuses par un peuplement de Bruchidae et d'Anthribidae (Coleoptera) en zone de mosaïque forêt-savane (Lamto: Côte-d'Ivoire)
Use of legunwseeds by brrrchid andazth-ibid beetles (Coleoptera) in a mosaic forest-saturia zone (Lamto : Ivory Coast). Seed-eating insects were sampled on 175 species of legumes over a 4 yearsExpand
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Description de deux nouvelles espèces du genre Anisopteromalus Rutschka. Clé des espèces afrotropicales [Hym. Pteromalidae]
Summary. — Two new species of Anisopteromalus Rutschka (A. apiovorus and A. caryedophagus) are described and illustrated. These species are reared from larvae or pupae of seed-eating insectsExpand
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Caryedon serratus and its parasitoids in the Savanna around Lamto, Ivory Coast
In the savanna around Lamto,Caryedon serratus develops, in the beginning of the dry season, on maturing seeds ofPiliostigma thonningii (Caesalpinioideae). A 2nd generation, and sometimes a 3nd one,Expand
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Structure spatio-temporelle d'une communauté parasitaire inféodée aux Coléoptères séminivores de légumineuses à Lamto (RCI)
Analyse des relations trophiques (spectre hote, variations temporelles) existant au sein d'une communaute parasitaire de coleopteres seminivores de legumineuses en zone tropicale
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