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Genetic Analysis of the Life Cycle of Agaricus Bisporus
SUMMARYAn understanding of sexuality and life cycle has been conspicuously lacking for members of the genus Agaricus despite the prime importance of Agaricus bisporus to the edible mushroom industr...
Genetic and Environmental Aspects of Fruiting in Schizophyllum Commune Fr.
An extensive study of fruiting in a large, world-wide sample of Schisophyllum has revealed genetic background as the most critical factor in determining the occurrence and time of fruiting and the ...
The Number and Distribution of Incompatibility Factors in Schizophyllum
A world-wide sample of 114 homokaryotic strains of the tetrapolar mushroom, Schizophyllum commune, was analysed to determine the extent of the "multiple-allelic" series of A and B incompatibilityExpand
Tetrapolar Sexuality
  • J. Raper
  • Medicine
  • The Quarterly Review of Biology
  • 1 September 1953
The fungi exhibit a greater variety of sexual processes than any other group of organisms and encompass, often, in simplified expression, the major types of basic sexual manifestations found in other plants and animals. Expand
The Genetics of Schizophyllum Commune.
The current report presents a brief description of the organism, the materials and methods employed, and the genetic results of the study to the present time. Expand
Mutational analysis of a regulatory gene for morphogenesis in Schizophyllum.
  • C. Raper, J. Raper
  • Biology, Medicine
  • Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences…
  • 1 May 1973
There is evidence that the Bbeta gene operates via a positive control mechanism and involves at least four functions, one of which has been shown to be separable by recombination. Expand
The identification of indigo as a pigment produced by a mutant culture of Schizophyllum commune.
A pigment produced by a mutant culture of Schizophyllum commune has been identified as indigo on the basis of solubility tests, chemical analysis, and absorption spectra. Expand