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A NAC Domain Protein Interacts with Tomato leaf curl virus Replication Accessory Protein and Enhances Viral Replication
Geminivirus replication enhancer (REn) proteins dramatically increase the accumulation of viral DNA species by an unknown mechanism. In this study, we present evidence implicating SlNAC1, a newExpand
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A monopartite begomovirus-associated DNA beta satellite substitutes for the DNA B of a bipartite begomovirus to permit systemic infection.
DNA beta is a circular single-stranded satellite DNA which co-infects with certain monopartite helper begomoviruses to cause economically important diseases, such as cotton leaf curl disease (CLCuD).Expand
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A proposed scheme for viroid classification and nomenclature
Viroids are the only class of autonomously replicating subviral pathogens whose molecular structure is well defined. Their structural and functional properties, as well as their evolutionary originExpand
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New potato spindle tuber viroid and tomato leaf curl geminivirus strains from a wild Solanum sp
Three distinct viruslike agents were isolated from a wild, symptomless Solanum sp. suspected of being a natural reservoir of tomato leaf curl geminivirus. Two of these contained circular DNA genomesExpand
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A two-dimensional electrophoretic technique for the detection of circular viroids and virusoids.
A new gel electrophoretic technique for the rapid and sensitive detection of circular viroids and virusoids is described. Starting from plant material, a typical multisample analysis requires lessExpand
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Nucleotide sequence of a circular single-stranded DNA associated with coconut foliar decay virus.
A circular single-stranded (ss) covalently closed (ccc) DNA associated with coconut foliar decay virus (CFDV) was purified, amplified by the polymerase chain reaction, and subcloned and its sequenceExpand
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Host responses to transient expression of individual genes encoded by Tomato leaf curl virus.
The six open reading frames of Tomato leaf curl virus (TLCV) were expressed in host Nicotiana species using a Tobacco mosaic virus vector. Each of the genes, except that encoding the viral coatExpand
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Current status of viroid taxonomy
Viroids are the smallest autonomous infectious nucleic acids known so far. With a small circular RNA genome of about 250-400 nt, which apparently does not code for any protein, viroids replicate andExpand
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High-affinity Rep-binding is not required for the replication of a geminivirus DNA and its satellite.
The 682-nt satellite DNA (sat-DNA) of Tomato leaf curl virus (TLCV) depends on the helper virus for its replication. In contrast to the strict specificity that exists in each geminivirus for itsExpand
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