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The ignorant schoolmaster : five lessons in intellectual emancipation
Translator's introduction 1. An intellectual adventure 2. The ignorant one's lesson 3. Reason between equals 4. The society of contempt 5. The emancipator and his monkey Notes.
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The politics of aesthetics : the distribution of the sensible
In his forward, Ranci re (aesthetics and politics emeritus, U. de Paris VIII) states his concern is for aesthetic acts that create new approaches to sense perception and political subjectivity.Expand
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Who Is the Subject of the Rights of Man?
As we know, the question raised by my title took on a new cogency during the last ten years of the twentieth century. The Rights of Man or Human Rights had just been rejuvenated in the seventies andExpand
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From Politics to Aesthetics
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Dis-agreement : politics and philosophy
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The Future of the Image
"In The Future of the Image, Jacques Ranciere develops a fascinating new concept of the image in contemporary art and film, showing how art and politics have always been intrinsically intertwined.Expand
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Politics, Identification, and Subjectivization
In a sense, the whole matter of my paper is involved in a preliminary question: In what language will it be uttered? Neither my language nor your language, but rather a dialect between French andExpand
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Ten Theses on Politics
1. To identify politics with the exercise of, and struggle to possess, power is to do away with politics. But we also reduce the scope of politics as a mode of thinking if we conceive of it merely asExpand
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On the Shores of Politics
It is frequently said that we are living through the end of politics, the end of social upheavals, the end of utopian folly. Consensual realism is the order of the day. But political realists,Expand
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The Ignorant Schoolmaster
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