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Functional Data Analysis
Monotone Regression Splines in Action
A-bstract. Piecewise polynomials or splines extend the advantages of polynomials to include greater flexibility, local effects of parameter changes and the possibility of imposing useful constraintsExpand
Parameter estimation for differential equations: a generalized smoothing approach
A new method that uses noisy measurements on a subset of variables to estimate the parameters defining a system of non‐linear differential equations, based on a modification of data smoothing methods along with a generalization of profiled estimation is described. Expand
Functional Data Analysis (Springer Series in Statistics)
Book of functional data analysis springer series in statistics, as an amazing reference becomes what you need to get, and book, as a source that may involve the facts, opinion, literature, religion, and many others are the great friends to join with. Expand
Kernel smoothing approaches to nonparametric item characteristic curve estimation
The option characteristic curve, the relation between ability and probability of choosing a particular option for a test item, can be estimated by nonparametric smoothing techniques. What is smoothedExpand
Functional Data Analysis
Most statistical analyses involve one or more observations taken on each of a number of individuals in a sample, with the aim of making inferences about the general population from which the sampleExpand
Some Tools for Functional Data Analysis
Multivariate data analysis permits the study of observations which are finite sets of numbers, but modern data collection situations can involve data, or the processes giving rise to them, which areExpand
Functional Data Analysis with R and MATLAB
Scientists often collect samples of curves and other functional observations, and develop models where parameters are also functions. This volume in the UseR! Series is aimed at a wide range ofExpand
Applied Functional Data Analysis: Methods and Case Studies
Introduction.- Life Course Data in Criminology.- The Nondurable Goods Index.- Bone Shapes from a Paleopathology Study.- Modeling Reaction Time Distributions.- Zooming in on Human Growth.- TimeExpand
Principal components analysis of sampled functions
This paper describes a technique for principal components analysis of data consisting ofn functions each observed atp argument values. This problem arises particularly in the analysis of longitudinalExpand