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Late Cenozoic Glaciations in Patagonia and Tierra del Fuego
Publisher Summary This chapter overviews the Patagonian and Fuegian glaciations—starting in the Late Miocene, when the junction of global, cooler climatic conditions, and the final rise of theExpand
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Quaternary of Tierra del Fuego, Southernmost South America: an updated review
Abstract The Quaternary of Tierra del Fuego is represented by glacial, glaciofluvial, glaciolacustrine, marine and aeolian deposits. Six drift units have been described, the oldest dating from theExpand
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Late Cenozoic glaciations in Patagonia and Tierra del Fuego: an updated review
Fil: Rabassa, Jorge Oscar. Consejo Nacional de Investigaciones Cientificas y Tecnicas. Centro Austral de Investigaciones Cientificas; Argentina. Universidad Nacional de la Patagonia; Argentina
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Chronology of the Late Cenozoic Patagonian glaciations and their correlation with biostratigraphic units of the Pampean region (Argentina)
The absolute chronology of the Patagonian glaciations is one of the most complete in the world and probably the best available for the Southern Hemisphere outside Antarctica. The oldest knownExpand
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Quaternary glaciations of the southern Andes
Abstract The southern Andes comprise the southernmost portion of the Andean Cordillera, beginning at the edge of the Puna Altiplano (lat.27°S) and ending at Isla de los Estados (lat.55°S). The lateExpand
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Palaeogeographical evolution of the Atlantic coast of Pampa and Patagonia from the last glacial maximum to the Middle Holocene
We reconstruct the palaeogeographical evolution of the continental shelf in Patagonia for the period spanning the Last Glacial Maximum (approximately 24 000 calibrated years BP) to the MiddleExpand
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Holocene raised beaches along the northern coast of the Beagle Channel, Tierra del Fuego, Argentina
Abstract Raised beaches developed during Holocene times along the northern Beagle Channel coast. These deposits contain a rich marine fauna, especially shelled organisms such as mollusks. FourExpand
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Cosmogenic nuclide measurements in southernmost South America and implications for landscape change
We measured in situ 10Be, 26Al and 36Cl on glacial deposits as old as 1.1 Myr in the southernmost part of Patagonia and on northern Tierra del Fuego to understand boulder and moraine and, byExpand
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Glaciations in Argentine Patagonia, southern South America
Publisher Summary This chapter reviews that the reconstruction of the southern hemisphere glaciations in Argentine Patagonia is favoured by their excellent geomorphological and stratigraphicalExpand
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Glacial geomorphology of the Pleistocene Lake Fagnano ice lobe, Tierra del Fuego, southern South America.
Abstract A regional geomorphological study is presented of the southern and eastern coast of Lake Fagnano, one of the most extensive glacial areas of Tierra del Fuego Island, at the southernmost tipExpand
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