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Dark Networks as Problems
Networks and networking are viewed as ways of dealing with complex problems that beset both the state and society. Homelessness, health care, and crime are all viewed as problems that networks canExpand
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Heading Toward a Society of Networks
In the essay, it is first argued that Western societies are moving towards a society of networks, i.e. a society, in which the formal, vertically integrated organization that has dominated the 20thExpand
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Combining structure, governance and context: A configurational approach to network effectiveness
This study explores the way in which network structure (network integration), network context (resource munificence and stability), and network governance mode relate to net -work effectiveness. TheExpand
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Dark Networks as Organizational Problems: Elements of a Theory 1
ABSTRACT In this paper, we try to understand and interpret why and how dark networks manage to survive despite massive control efforts by nation states, thus demonstrating a high degree ofExpand
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Explanation Through Network Visualization
We address a number of principles for effective visualization; and we assess visualizations generated by the software tool visone in order to explain network outcomes using these principles. Expand
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Exploratory Network Visualization: Simultaneous Display of Actor Status and Connections
We propose a novel visualization approach that facilitates graphical exploration and communication of relative actor status in social networks. Expand
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Composing Effective Teams through Team Dating
Previous research showed that short initial interaction in dyads accurately predicts future relation development. The paper extends these results from dyads to teams and demonstrates that dataExpand
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A preliminary theory of dark network resilience
A crucial contemporary policy question for governments across the globe is how to cope with international crime and terrorist networks. Many such “dark” networks—that is, networks that operateExpand
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Politiknetzwerke als Governanceform: Versuch einer Bestandsaufnahme und Neuausrichtung der Diskussion
Zwei Jahrzehnte Forschung zu Politiknetzwerken in der Politik- und Verwaltungswissenschaft seit dem bahnbrechenden Buch von Laumann und Knoke (1987) „The Organizational State“ haben zumindest von derExpand
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