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On the deformation of gas bubbles in liquids
We consider the deformation of gas bubbles rising in different liquids over a wide range of Morton numbers, from O(10−11) to O(1), and bubble diameters. We have collected data from the literature andExpand
Hydrodynamic interaction between a pair of bubbles ascending in shear-thinning inelastic fluids
Abstract The interaction of two bubbles rising in shear-thinning inelastic fluids was studied. The experimental results were complemented by numerical simulations conducted with the arbitraryExpand
Photothermal Effects and Applications of Polydimethylsiloxane Membranes with Carbon Nanoparticles
The advent of nanotechnology has triggered novel developments and applications for polymer-based membranes with embedded or coated nanoparticles. As an example, interaction of laser radiation withExpand
Controlled Deposition of Polymer Coatings on Cylindrical Photonic Devices
We present a simple system for coating cylindrical devices for photonic related applications based on a wire coating method. Characterization of the system was done using two different polymericExpand
Bubble cluster formation in shear-thinning inelastic bubbly columns
The mean rise velocity of bubble swarms ascending in shear-thinning fluids was experimentally measured in a rectangular bubble column. Great care was taken to produce nearly mono-dispersed bubbleExpand
Study of the properties of bubbly flows in Boger-type fluids
Abstract Experiments were conducted to study the properties of bubbly flows in elastic fluids with nearly constant viscosity (Boger-type fluids). The effect of gas volume fraction was investigated byExpand
An optopneumatic piston for microfluidics.
We demonstrate an optopneumatic piston based on glass capillaries, a mixture of PDMS-carbon nanopowder, silicone and mineral oil. The fabrication method is based on wire coating techniques andExpand
Thermocapillary flow in glass tubes coated with photoresponsive layers.
Thermocapillary flow has proven to be a good alternative to induce and control the motion of drops and bubbles in microchannels. Temperature gradients are usually established by implanting metallicExpand
On the Motion of Carbon Nanotube Clusters near Optical Fiber Tips: Thermophoresis, Radiative Pressure, and Convection Effects.
We analyze the motion of multiwalled carbon nanotubes clusters in water or ethanol upon irradiation with a 975 and 1550 nm laser beam guided by an optical fiber. Upon measuring the velocities of theExpand
Viscous pumping inspired by flexible propulsion.
Fluid-suspended microorganisms have evolved different swimming and feeding strategies in order to cope with an environment dominated by viscous effects. For instance, ciliated organisms rely on theExpand