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On the ductile enlargement of voids in triaxial stress fields
Abstract The fracture of ductile solids has frequently been observed to result from the large growth and coalescence of microscopic voids, a process enhanced by the superposition of hydrostaticExpand
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Slightly curved or kinked cracks
A solution is presented for the elastic stress intensity factors at the tip of a slightly curved or kinked two-dimensional crack. The solution is accurate to first order in the deviation of the crackExpand
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The Algorithm Selection Problem
We explore the applicability of the approximation theory to the algorithm selection problem and propose a theory of algorithm selection methods. Expand
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The mechanics of earthquake rupture
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Solving elliptic problems using ELLPACK
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Mechanics of Brittle Fracture
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Behavioral insomnia therapy for fibromyalgia patients: a randomized clinical trial.
BACKGROUND Insomnia is common and debilitating to fibromyalgia (FM) patients. Cognitive-behavioral therapy (CBT) is effective for many types of patients with insomnia, but has yet to be tested withExpand
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Secure outsourcing of scientific computations
We investigate the outsourcing of numerical and scientific computations using the following framework: A customer who needs computations done but lacks the computational resources (computing power, appropriate software, or programming expertise) to do these locally would like to use an external agent to perform these computations. Expand
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Chapter 20 Fault Stress States, Pore Pressure Distributions, and the Weakness of the San Andreas Fault
Abstract The San Andreas Fault (SAF) is weak in an absolute sense, in that it moves under shear stresses far smaller than implied by the most obvious reading of laboratory friction results (ByerleeExpand
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