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Minimizing the cost of environmental management decisions by optimizing statistical thresholds
Environmental management decisions are prone to expensive mistakes if they are triggered by hypothesis tests using the conventional Type I error rate ( ) of 0.05. Expand
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The impact of fire and dogs on Koalas at Port Stephens, New South Wales, using population viability analysis
The Port Stephens Koala Phascolarctos cinereus population has been regarded as one of the strongholds for Koalas in New South Wales. This study applied population viability analysis to investigateExpand
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Monitoring temporal trends in spatially structured populations: how should sampling effort be allocated between space and time?
Estimating temporal trends in spatially structured populations has a critical role to play in understanding regional changes in biological populations and developing management strategies. DesigningExpand
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General rules for environmental management to prioritise social ecological systems research based on a value of information approach
Globally, billions of dollars are invested each year to help understand the dynamics of social ecological systems (SES) in bettering both social and environmental outcomes. However, there is noExpand
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A Bayesian mixture model for estimating intergeneration chronic toxicity.
Understanding toxic effects on biological populations across generations is crucial for determining the long-term consequences of chemical pollution in aquatic environments. As a consequence, thereExpand
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The influence of sampling design on spatial data quality in a geographic citizen science project
We examined the effects of sampling design on the quality of spatial data collected for a koala citizen science project in Australia. Expand
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A rebuttal to ‘Mooted extinction of koalas at Eden: improving the information base’
Office of Environment and Heritage NSW, PO Box 1967, Hurstville, NSW 2220, Australia. School of Life and Environmental Sciences, Faculty of Science, University of Sydney, NSW 2006, Australia. SchoolExpand
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Conventional methods for enhancing connectivity in conservation planning do not always maintain gene flow
We investigated the ability of prioritizations to maintain gene flow when they are generated using conventional methods for promoting connectivity in conservation planning, such as minimising fragmentation, penalizing fragmentation, and representing species in contiguous areas of suitable habitat. Expand
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Navigating the complexities of dynamic ecosystem change
book reviews ISSN 1948‐6596 Navigating the complexities of dynamic ecosystem change Novel Ecosystems: Intervening in the New Ecological World Order. Richard J. Hobbs, Eric S. Higgs & Carol M. HallExpand
Evaluating natural resource management strategies under parameter uncertainty: An outranking approach applied to koala conservation
We demonstrate an outranking approach for a decision problem in which we evaluate a range of alternative koala (Phascolartos cinereus Goldfuss) habitat protection strategies for a population in New South Wales, Australia. Expand
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