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Diffusion by Continuous Movements
The influence of velocity distribution on one‐particle dispersion is studied. The ensemble of particle releases is subdivided into subensembles characterized by particle velocity at the instant ofExpand
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Moisture movement in porous materials under temperature gradients
A theory of moisture movement in porous, materials under temperature gradients is developed which explains apparently discordant experimental information, including (a) the large value of theExpand
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Flows satisfying mixed no-slip and no-shear conditions
SummarySolutions are presented which describe eight viscous flows satisfying mixed no-slip and no-shear conditions: 1. shear flow over a plate with a longitudinal no-shear slot; 2, shear flow over aExpand
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Abstract Recent developments in the study of moisture and heat fields in the soil are applied to the problem of evaporation from bare soil surfaces. Most of the analysis is confined to steadyExpand
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Integral properties of flows satisfying mixed no-slip and no-shear conditions
SummaryTotal momentum flux considerations lead simply to integral properties of five examples of viscous flows satisfying mixed no-slip and no-shear conditions. The integral results may be inferredExpand
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Steady Infiltration From Buried Point Sources and Spherical Cavities
Steady infiltration in two- and three-dimensional systems has been treated classically as a process of saturated flow with a free surface. The series this paper initiates deals with the generallyExpand
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Unsaturated seepage and subterranean holes: Conspectus, and exclusion problem for circular cylindrical cavities
This paper introduces the general theory of water exclusion from, or entry into, subterranean holes from steady uniform downward unsaturated seepage. Buried holes serve as obstacles to the flow andExpand
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The theory of heat flux meters
For a spheroidal heat flux meter appropriately oriented in an infinite volume of a medium in which there is a steady heat flux, f, the ratio of mean flux density through the meter to the flux densityExpand
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Hillslope infiltration: Planar slopes
The solution of the full nonlinear unsaturated flow equation is given for a problem of infiltration (and associated subsurface flows) into a planar hillslope of a homogeneous isotropic soil withExpand
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