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Expanding a dynamic flux balance model of yeast fermentation to genome-scale
We developed and validated a genome-scale dynamic flux balance model, using experimentally determined kinetic constraints, to describe, understand and predict metabolite production in batch yeast cultures. Expand
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Energy and water balances using kinetic modeling in a pilot-scale SSF bioreactor
Abstract Direct monitoring of bed conditions in large scale solid-state fermentation (SSF) bioreactors is difficult due to lack of reliable and affordable instrumentation. Although, relevantExpand
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Automation of a solid substrate cultivation pilot reactor
Abstract An automation system for a solid substrate pilot bioreactor is described. The performance of the system in real time experiments is discussed and future improvements are proposed. GoodExpand
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Dynamic simulation and control of direct rotary dryers
Adaptive and conventional control of a direct rotary dryer has been assessed through simulations. Expand
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Parameter estimation in metabolic flux balance models for batch fermentation—Formulation & Solution using Differential Variational Inequalities (DVIs)
We present a framework for fitting fermentation models that include the interaction between cellular metabolism and its environment, using Differential Variational Inequalities. Expand
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Control strategies for intermittently mixed, forcefully aerated solid-state fermentation bioreactors based on the analysis of a distributed parameter model
This paper tests different control strategies based on classic proportional integral derivative (PID) and advanced dynamic matrix control (DMC) algorithms for an intermittently stirred, forcefullyExpand
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Modelling and control of a spray dryer: a simulation study
Abstract This paper presents a new model for predicting the dynamic behaviour of a milk spray dryer, and also develops and evaluates a simple and robust control structure by means of simulations. TheExpand
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HIPPO: An Iterative Reparametrization Method for Identification and Calibration of Dynamic Bioreactor Models of Complex Processes
Unstructured, dynamic bioreactor models of complex processes usually possess many nonidentifiable, insensitive, or statistically nonsignificant parameters. However, an exhaustive search to find aExpand
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Intelligent control applications on a binary distillation column
Distillation is fundamental in Chemical Engineering. It is a highly complex and no-linear process. Therefore, developing intelligent control systems for distillation columns is challenging. TheseExpand
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Dynamic modelling of copper solvent extraction mixer–settler units
The copper Leaching, Solvent Extraction and Electrowinning circuit (LX–SX–EW) is one of the most effective processes for extracting copper from low grade ores. This work focuses on the liquid–liquidExpand
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