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The three-dimensional solution structure of human stefin A.
The three-dimensional solution structure of recombinant human stefin A has been determined by a simulated annealing protocol using a total of 1113 distance and angle constraints obtained from 1H andExpand
Erythromycin uptake and accumulation by human polymorphonuclear leukocytes and efficacy of erythromycin in killing ingested Legionella pneumophila.
The use of an electron microscope-autoradiography method and an antibiotic-uptake assay clearly demonstrate the efficacy of erythromycin in killing susceptible intracellular pathogens. Expand
Uptake, accumulation, and egress of erythromycin by tissue culture cells of human origin
The concentration of erythromycin by a variety of human cell types probably accounts, in part, for the effectiveness of the antibiotic against intracellular parasites such as Legionella and Chlamydia spp. Expand
The solution structure of serine protease PB92 from Bacillus alcalophilus presents a rigid fold with a flexible substrate-binding site.
The solution structure of the serine protease PB92 presents a well defined global fold which is rigid with the exception of a restricted number of sites, which supports the proposed induced fit mechanism of substrate binding. Expand
Microbial oxidation of D-tryptophan.
C(8) epimeric 8-hydroxy-erythromycins-A.
Structure of lankamycin.
Rapid conversion of somatostatin to active metabolite in human plasma
The eluate was monitored for absorbance at 280 nm and peaks were film dried and subjected to amino acid analysis after acid hydrolysis, finding that the product is equipotent with somatostatin in several biological assay systems. Expand