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Biological evolution of the Saussurean sign as a component of the language acquisition device
Language Acquisition Device is a mechanism which mentally constructs the Saussurean Sign, a bidirectional mapping between phonological forms and some representation of a concept, on the basis of observed samples of communicative behaviour. Expand
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The emergence of linguistic structure: an overview of the iterated learning model
As language users humans possess a culturally transmitted system of unparalleled complexity in the natural world. Linguistics has revealed over the past 40 years the degree to which the syntacticExpand
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The evolutionary emergence of language : social function and the origins of linguistic form
Part I. The Evolution of Cooperative Communication: 1. Introduction: the evolution of cooperative communication Chris Knight 2. Comprehension, production and conventionalization in the origins ofExpand
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Language and Number: The Emergence of a Cognitive System
The object of study explaining linguistic universals a continuous sequence of counting words numbers - the meaning of numerals syntactic integration of counting Words standardization of complex numerals to a fixed base denouement and prospect. Expand
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The evolution of the critical period for language acquisition
Evidence suggests that there is a critical, or at least a sensitive, period for language acquisition, which ends around puberty. The existence of this period is explained by an evolutionary modelExpand
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The Language Mosaic and its Evolution
The human capacity for language and the structures of individual languages can best be understood from an evolutionary perspective. Biolog ical steps toward languagereadiness involved preadaptationsExpand
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Learning, Culture and Evolution in the Origin of Linguistic Constraints
We show that the introduction of linguistic (as opposed to natural) selection into a model of language acquisition, use, transmission, and evolution has profound eeects on the evolutionary trajectory of learners. Expand
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The neural basis of predicate-argument structure.
  • J. R. Hurford
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  • 1 June 2003
Neural correlates exist for a basic component of logical formulae, PREDICATE(x). Vision and audition research in primates and humans shows two independent neural pathways; one locates objects inExpand
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