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Sodium current-induced release of calcium from cardiac sarcoplasmic reticulum.
The role of sodium-calcium exchange at the sarcolemma in the release of calcium from cardiac sarcoplasmic reticulum was investigated in voltage-clamped, isolated cardiac myocytes. In the absence ofExpand
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Anion transport in heart.
Anion transport proteins in mammalian cells participate in a wide variety of cell and intracellular organelle functions, including regulation of electrical activity, pH, volume, and the transport ofExpand
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Molecular identification of a volume-regulated chloride channel
A volume-regulated chloride current ( I Cl.vol) is ubiquitously present in mammalian cells, and is required for the regulation of electrical activity, cell volume, intracellular pH, immunologicalExpand
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TRPC1 and STIM1 mediate capacitative Ca2+ entry in mouse pulmonary arterial smooth muscle cells.
Previous studies in pulmonary arterial smooth muscle cells (PASMCs) showed that the TRPC1 channel mediates capacitative Ca(2+) entry (CCE), but the molecular signal(s) that activate TRPC1 in PASMCsExpand
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Direct role for potassium channel inhibition in hypoxic pulmonary vasoconstriction.
Cellular mechanisms responsible for hypoxic pulmonary vasoconstriction were investigated in pulmonary arterial cells, isolated perfused lung, and pulmonary artery rings. Three K+ channel antagonists,Expand
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Heterogeneity of calcium stores and elementary release events in canine pulmonary arterial smooth muscle cells.
To examine the nature of inositol 1,4,5-trisphosphate (IP(3))-sensitive and ryanodine (Ryn)-sensitive Ca(2+) stores in isolated canine pulmonary arterial smooth cells (PASMC), agonist-induced changesExpand
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[Ca2+]i inhibition of K+ channels in canine pulmonary artery. Novel mechanism for hypoxia-induced membrane depolarization.
Experiments were performed on smooth muscle cells isolated from canine pulmonary artery to identify the type of K+ channel modulated by hypoxia and examine the possible role of [Ca2+]i in hypoxic K+Expand
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Differential expression and alternative splicing of TRP channel genes in smooth muscles.
Nonselective cation channels (NSCC) are targets of excitatory agonists in smooth muscle, representing the nonselective cation current I(cat). Na(+) influx through NSCC causes depolarizations andExpand
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Interactions of organic calcium channel antagonists with calcium channels in single frog atrial cells
Inhibition of whole-cell calcium currents in enzymatically dispersed frog atrial myocytes by D-600, diltiazem, and nifedipine was studied using a single-micropipette voltage-clamp technique. TheExpand
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A novel anionic inward rectifier in native cardiac myocytes.
Although the cationic inward rectifiers (Kir and hyperpolarization-activated I(f) channels) have been well characterized in cardiac myocytes, the expression and physiological role of anionic inwardExpand
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