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Upper-mantle origin of the Yellowstone hotspot
Fundamental features of the geology and tectonic setting of the northeast-propagating Yellowstone hotspot are not explained by a simple deep-mantle plume hypothesis and, within that framework, mustExpand
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A simple new equation for the reversible temperature dependence of photosynthetic electron transport: a study on soybean leaf.
The temperature response of Jmax, the irradiance-saturated potential rate of photosynthetic electron transport in the absence of Rubisco limitation, has usually been modelled by a complicated,Expand
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Seismic tomography shows that upwelling beneath Iceland is confined to the upper mantle
SUMMARY We report the results of the highest-resolution teleseismic tomography study yet performed of the upper mantle beneath Iceland. The experiment used data gathered by the Iceland HotspotExpand
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Leaf anatomy enables more equal access to light and CO2 between chloroplasts
The function of a leaf is photosynthesis, which requires the interception of light and access to atmospheric CO2 while controlling water loss. This paper examines the influence of leaf anatomy onExpand
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Growth of the C4 dicot Flaveria bidentis: photosynthetic acclimation to low light through shifts in leaf anatomy and biochemistry
In C4 plants, acclimation to growth at low irradiance by means of anatomical and biochemical changes to leaf tissue is considered to be limited by the need for a close interaction and coordinationExpand
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Chapter 8 Nitrogen and Water Use Efficiency of C 4 Plants
Species with the C4 photosynthetic pathway have evolved biochemical CO2 concentrating mechanisms that allow Rubisco to function in a high CO2 environment. This increases both their nitrogen and waterExpand
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The seismic anomaly beneath Iceland extends down to the mantle transition zone and no deeper
A 3-D teleseismic tomography image of the upper mantle beneath Iceland of unprecedented resolution reveals a subvertical low wave speed anomaly that is cylindrical in the upper 250 km but tabularExpand
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Teleseismic Tomography of the Compressional Wave Velocity Structure beneath the Long Valley Region
In 1982 and 1984 the U.S. Geological Survey used several seismic networks, totaling over 90 stations, to record teleseismic P waves and measure travel time residuals in an area centered on the LongExpand
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