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Pax‐3, a novel murine DNA binding protein expressed during early neurogenesis.
We describe the isolation and characterization of Pax‐3, a novel murine paired box gene expressed exclusively during embryogenesis. Pax‐3 encodes a 479 amino acid protein with an Mr of 56 kdExpand
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Structure and expression of the mouse Oct2a and Oct2b, two differentially spliced products of the same gene.
A large family of tissue-specific nuclear proteins interact with the octamer motif ATTTGCAT, a transcriptional regulatory element found in the promoter and enhancer sequences of many genes. As a stepExpand
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Structure and expression pattern of the murine Hox-3.2 gene.
The murine homeobox-containing gene Hox-3.2 is the most 5' member of the Hox-3 complex on chromosome 15 isolated to date. Conceptual translation of the longest ORF gives a protein of 260 amino acidsExpand
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Cell-type-specific control elements of the lymphotropic papovavirus enhancer.
Lymphotropic papovavirus (LPV) exhibits a highly restricted host range, in which only cells of primate B-lymphocyte origin are permissive for infection. Its enhancer element contributes to thisExpand
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Mini-Oct and Oct-2c: Two novel, functionally diverse murine Oct-2 gene products are differentially expressed in the CNS
We report that two novel alternatively spliced products of the murine Oct-2 gene encode Mini-Oct (Oct-2d), a protein consisting of almost only the POU domain, and Oct-2c, a protein lacking the lastExpand
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