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A comparison of Teflon slides and the Army Insecticide Measuring System for sampling aerosol clouds.
The effects of method of droplet analysis, reader of Teflon slides and distance on mass median diameter of a Cythion aerosol cloud were examined in the calibration of an Army Insecticide MeasuringExpand
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ABSTRACT Against caged field-collected adults of Anopheles quadrimaculatus, optimized aerial applications of ANVIL 10+10®at 18.4 ml (1.63 g active ingredient)/0.4 ha produced a mean mortality of 92%Expand
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An electrostatic backpack sprayer: potential for mosquito control.
A Southwest Electrostatic Sprayers, Inc., nozzle was configured to a Hudson PortaPak backpack. A test was run to compare deposition of BVA no. 13 oil by the electrostatic nozzle to a standardExpand
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Operational note indoor low-volume spray trials: handheld equipment evaluation.
Four handheld aerosol-mist generators and 1 thermal fog generator were evaluated initially for their ability to deliver low flow rates (< or = 5 ml/min) of resmethrin insecticide. Two generators, theExpand
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Acalculous cholecystitis.
Twelve cases of acalculous cholecystitis are reviewed and the pathologic condition discussed. Preoperative diagnosis is difficult to make. The increased morbidity associated with cholecystectomy inExpand
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Squeezing millimeter waves into microns.
Microstructured metallic devices will play a vital role in the continuing search to manipulate the passage of electromagnetic radiation relevant to optical, microwave, and communication technologies.Expand
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Aqua-Reslin droplet analysis.
Aerosol droplets were collected, counted, and sorted using a laser system, the Army Insecticide Measuring System, Teflon-coated slides, and magnesium oxide-coated slides. All droplets, for eachExpand
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ULV droplet spectra: comparative analysis of six droplet collection methods.
Three distances (1.2, 3.0 and 7.6 m) and 4 methods (complete diagonal swing, impinger, top diagonal swing and vertical swing) were compared in analyzing the droplet spectra of electrically generatedExpand
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Comparison of electrostatic versus nonelectrostatic ULV sprays of Aqua Reslin against Anopheles quadrimaculatus adults.
An electrostatic truck-mounted spray system (Spectrum, Houston, TX) and a nonelectrostatic spray system (Micro-Gen G-4, San Antonio, TX) were tested to determine the feasibility of electrostaticallyExpand
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