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Formaldehyde and hepatotoxicity: a review.
Time-related changes in the pattern of the effects are suggested as one goes from acute exposure by inhalation at greater concentrations to repeated exposure at lesser concentrations, which could cause additive toxicity with such chemicals in some circumstances.
Enhancement of aspirin-induced teratogenicity by food restriction in rats.
The offspring of the food-restricted rats showed only slightly more than the normal background incidence of malformations, whereas the offspring of those that also received aspirin had more than twice the incidence ofmalformations than those that received aspirin and were on an unrestricted diet.
Occurrence and distribution of sucrose-metabolizing enzymes in oral streptococci
Specific growth rates, growth yields, and the level and cellular distribution of three sucrose-metabolizing enzyme activities were determined for seven oral streptococci (Streptococcus mutans strains
Lipid metabolism of the rat uterus after mating.
Semi-automatic chromatographic determination of neutral lipids.
Abstract A new type of detector for liquid chromatographic columns is described based on the continuous evaporation of the eluate and redissolution of residues in a fixed solvent that is fed to a
Extracellular invertase in Streptococcus mutans and Streptococcus salivarius.
In the cases studied, the extra- and intracellular invertases are always present, but their levels vary independently and depend on the carbohydrate in the medium, as well as on the glycosyltransferases and invertase.
Study of the teratogenic potential of diazepam and SCH 12041.
  • J. R. Beall
  • Medicine
    Canadian Medical Association journal
  • 20 May 1972
Griseofulvin: A Teratogenic Study
Evaluation of the offspring from dams treated with the largest doses, 63 and 75 times a therapeutic dose in man, indicated decreased survival rates and a syndrome of malformations.
A teratogenic study of chlorpromazine, orphenadrine, perphenzaine, and LSD-25 in rats.
  • J. R. Beall
  • Medicine
    Toxicology and applied pharmacology
  • 1 February 1972
It is indicated that pregnant rats treated with near-lethal doses of perphenazine or chlorpromazine have more resorptions than controls and 7 dams from the 2 highest orphenadrine groups had abnormal offspring.
Lipid metabolism in vitro by rabbit embryos during development.
  • J. R. Beall
  • Biology, Medicine
    American journal of obstetrics and gynecology
  • 15 February 1973
Analysis indicated that the concentration of neutral lipid decreased from Days 12 through 14, and most lipid was present in the form of sterols, and the least was in the forms of triglyceride and fatty acid.