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Concentrations of particulate and dissolved cylindrospermopsin in 21 Aphanizomenon-dominated temperate lakes.
The cyanobacterial toxin cylindrospermopsin (CYN) is widely distributed in German lakes, but volumetric data for risk assessment are lacking and it is unclear which cyanobacterial species produce CYNExpand
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Competitiveness of invasive and native cyanobacteria from temperate freshwaters under various light and temperature conditions
Some tropical cyanobacteria have spread to temperate freshwaters during the last decades. To evaluate their further development in temperate lakes, we studied the temperature- and light-dependentExpand
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Distribution of three alien cyanobacterial species (Nostocales) in northeast Germany: Cylindrospermopsis raciborskii, Anabaena bergii and Aphanizomenon aphanizomenoides
A. Stüken, J. Rücker, T. Endrulat, K. Preussel, M. Hemm, B. Nixdorf, U. Karsten and C. Wiedner. 2006. Distribution of three alien cyanobacterial species (Nostocales) in northeast Germany:Expand
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Climate change affects timing and size of populations of an invasive cyanobacterium in temperate regions
Cylindrospermopsis raciborskii, an invasive freshwater cyanobacterium, originated from the tropics but has spread to temperate zones over the last few decades. Its northernmost populations in EuropeExpand
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Occurrence of the cyanobacterial toxin cylindrospermopsin in northeast Germany
The frequent occurrence of the cyanobacterial toxin cylindrospermopsin (CYN) in the (sub)tropics has been largely associated with cyanobacteria of the order Nostocales of tropical origin, inExpand
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Factors controlling the dominance of Planktothrix agardhii and Limnothrix redekei in eutrophic shallow lakes
Lakes in the Scharmutzelsee-region (East-Brandenburg, Germany) were found to be dominated either by Limnothrix redekei or Planktothrix agardhii. These dominance regimes were stable over the wholeExpand
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Cyanobacteria and Cyanotoxins: The Influence of Nitrogen versus Phosphorus
The importance of nitrogen (N) versus phosphorus (P) in explaining total cyanobacterial biovolume, the biovolume of specific cyanobacterial taxa, and the incidence of cyanotoxins was determined forExpand
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Seasonal Patterns of Nitrogen and Phosphorus Limitation in Four German Lakes and the Predictability of Limitation Status from Ambient Nutrient Concentrations
To identify the seasonal pattern of nitrogen (N) and phosphorus (P) limitation of phytoplankton in four different lakes, biweekly experiments were conducted from the end of March to September 2011.Expand
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Akinetes: Dormant Cells of Cyanobacteria
Cyanobacteria are an ancient and morphologically diverse group of photosynthetic prokaryotes, which were the first to evolve oxygenic photosynthesis. Cyanobacteria are widely distributed in diversedExpand
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Impact of the inoculum size on the population of Nostocales cyanobacteria in a temperate lake
Akinete formation enables cyanobacteria of the order Nostocales to survive adverse conditions (e.g winters in temperate zones) and is assumed to be a prerequisite for the invasion of tropical speciesExpand
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