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Relation among serum and tissue concentrations of lutein and zeaxanthin and macular pigment density.
Significant negative correlations were found between adipose tissue lutein concentrations and MP for women, but a significant positive relation was found for men, suggesting sex differences in luteIn metabolism may be an important factor in tissue interactions and in determining MP density.
Effect of miR-203 expression on myocardial fibrosis.
  • Q. He, C-M Wang, C. Lu
  • Biology
    European review for medical and pharmacological…
  • 1 February 2017
Over-expression of miR-203 in mouse cardiomyocytes significantly decreased the expression levels of TGF-β1, CTGF, and FN, which might be used as a detection index for prediction of fibrosis.
Expression of c‐myc in human colonic tissue in response to β‐carotene supplementation
Dietary supplementation with β‐carotene at 30 mg/day results in an increased serum trans‐retinoic acid concentration in patients with a prior colonic polyp and an increase in c‐myc expression after supplementation was observed in 6 of 12 subjects, but 5 of these 6 subjects had decreased total serum retinoic Acid concentration and 4 had decreased ATRA concentration.
Expression of c-myc in human colonic tissue in response to beta-carotene supplementation.
It is concluded that c-myc expression is not correlated with ATRA, 13-cRA, or total retinoic acid concentration in vivo and that increased serum retinic acid secondary to increased tissue beta-carotene is not sufficient to activate c- myc transcription.
Effects of BCEF on reserpine reversal test
Results showed that BCEF could enhance the function of monoamine transmitter system in some degree and could effectively ameliorate the reserpine reversal test.