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Design of Rotating Electrical Machines
This book enables you to design rotating electrical machines with its detailed step-by-step approach to machine design and thorough treatment of all existing and emerging technologies in this field. Expand
Modeling of axial flux permanent-magnet machines
In modeling axial field machines, three-dimensional (3-D) finite-element method (FEM) models are required in accurate computations. However, 3-D FEM analysis is generally too time consuming inExpand
Direct-drive permanent magnet generators for high-power wind turbines: benefits and limiting factors
Wind turbines are getting larger. Their rated power capacities are moving from the 3 MW range to 6 MW and beyond. As a result, their size and mass, which grow rapidly with power capacity, is becomingExpand
Optimal Design of Large Permanent Magnet Synchronous Generators
A simple analytic optimization algorithm is used to maximize the apparent airgap power transferred under tangential stress constraint and close agreement with the finite element analysis results are found with this approach, which is based on analytical method. Expand
Influence of Travelling Current Linkage Harmonics on Inductance Variation, Torque Ripple and Sensorless Capability of Tooth-Coil Permanent-Magnet Synchronous Machines
This paper introduces an important source of torque ripple in permanent-magnet synchronous machines with tooth-coil windings (TC-PMSMs). It is theoretically proven that saturation andExpand
Rotor Materials for Medium-Speed Solid-Rotor Induction MotorS
The effects of different solid-rotor materials on the motor performance are studied. The performance characteristics of a 180 kW medium-speed induction motor with solid rotor are analyzed usingExpand
Hybrid excitation synchronous generators for island operation
The paper discusses Hybrid Excitation Synchronous Machines (HESMs) principles and their application possibilities. HESMs combine both features of traditional wound field synchronous machines (SMs)Expand
Main Dimensions of a Rotating Machine
In the previous chapters, the general theory governing the design of an electrical machine was presented: Chapter 1 addressed the necessary fundamentals of electromagnetic theory and Chapter 2Expand
Harmonic Loss Calculation in Rotor Surface Permanent Magnets—New Analytic Approach
The paper introduces an analytic permanent-magnet eddy-current loss calculation method for rotor surface permanent magnets and a comparison between the theoretical and experimental results is reported for an axial-flux two-stator single-rotor machine with no rotor yoke. Expand
Unequal Teeth Widths for Torque Ripple Reduction in Permanent Magnet Synchronous Machines With Fractional-Slot Non-Overlapping Windings
A new technique for torque ripple minimization in TCW PMSM is introduced and influence of the permanent magnet skewing on the torque ripple reduction and cogging torque elimination was investigated, and the reduction of some torque ripple harmonics was attained. Expand