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On the Separation of Net Ecosystem Exchange into Assimilation and Ecosystem Respiration: Review and Improved Algorithm
This paper discusses the advantages and disadvantages of the different methods that separate net ecosystem exchange (NEE) into its major components, gross ecosystem carbon uptake (GEP) and ecosystemExpand
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Evidence for Soil Water Control on Carbon and Water Dynamics in European Forests during the Extremely Dry Year: 2003
The drought of 2003 was exceptionally severe in many regions of Europe, both in duration and in intensity. In some areas, especially in Germany and France, it was the strongest drought for the lastExpand
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Carbon balance of different aged Scots pine forests in Southern Finland
We estimated annual net ecosystem exchange (NEE) of a chronosequence of four Scots pine stands in southern Finland during years 2000–2002 using eddy covariance (EC). Net ecosystem productivity (NEP)Expand
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Comparison of different chamber techniques for measuring soil CO2 efflux
Twenty chambers for measurement of soil CO2 efflux were compared against known CO2 fluxes ranging from 0.32 to 10.01 mumol CO2 m(-2) s(-1) and generated by a specially developed calibration tank.Expand
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Reconciling the temperature dependence of respiration across timescales and ecosystem types
Ecosystem respiration is the biotic conversion of organic carbon to carbon dioxide by all of the organisms in an ecosystem, including both consumers and primary producers. Respiration exhibits anExpand
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Long-term measurements of the carbon balance of a boreal Scots pine dominated forest ecosystem
We measured on annual basis the magnitude and relative importance of different components of the carbon balance of a boreal Scots pine dominated forest ecosystem. The continuous 10-year-longExpand
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Reduction Of Ecosystem Productivity And Respiration During The European Summer 2003 Climate Anomaly: A Joint Flux Tower, Remote Sensing And Modelling Analysis
The European CARBOEUROPE/FLUXNET monitoring sites, spatial remote sensing observations via the EOS-MODIS sensor and ecosystem modelling provide independent and complementary views on the effect ofExpand
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Boreal pine forest floor biogenic volatile organic compound emissions peak in early summer and autumn
Abstract In boreal forests, canopy-scale emissions of biogenic volatile organic compounds (BVOCs) are rather well characterised, but knowledge of ecosystem-scale BVOC emissions is still inadequate.Expand
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On the multi-temporal correlation between photosynthesis and soil CO2 efflux: reconciling lags and observations.
Although there is increasing evidence of the temporal correlation between photosynthesis and soil CO(2) efflux, no study has so far tested its generality across the growing season at multiple studyExpand
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CO2 exchange and component CO2 fluxes of a boreal Scots pine forest
We studied CO 2 fl uxes derived from eddy covariance (EC), modelled with a stand photosynthesis model, and upscaled from continuous measurements with chambers in a Scots pine stand. The annualExpand
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