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Three Decades of Community-Based Forest Management in the Philippines: Emerging Lessons for Sustainable and Equitable Forest Management
SUMMARY This paper presents a comprehensive review of the policy and practice of community-based forest management (CBFM) in the Philippines over the last three decades - one of the longestExpand
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Secondary forests in the Philippines: formation and transformation in the 20th century
LASCO, R. D., VISCO, R. G. & PULHIN, J. M. 2001. Secondary forests in the Philippines: formation and transformation in the 20th century. Secondary forests are the largest and most dynamic naturalExpand
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One century of forest rehabilitation in the Philippines: approaches, outcomes and lessons
Forest cover is decreasing or very low in many tropical landscapes following decades of logging, fire and other human disturbances. At the same time, there are large and growing areas of degradedExpand
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Environmental impacts of community-based forest management in the Philippines
Community-based forest management (CBFM) is a major strategy in managing forest lands in the Philippines. Forest and land management activities implemented in CBFM project sites include management ofExpand
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Climate Change Adaptation and Disaster Risk Reduction: An Asian Perspective
Climate change is one of the biggest challenges to development. Intergovernmental Committee in response to Climate Change (IPCC, 2007), with majority agreement, has pointed out that climate change isExpand
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People, power and timber: the politics of community-based forest management.
The potential of devolved conservation to empower people, reduce poverty and protect forest resources has yet to be realized in much of the developing world. This is particularly evident in theExpand
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Chapter 1 Climate change adaptation and disaster risk reduction: overview of issues and challenges
Due to rapid industrialization and urbanization in different parts of the world over the past several decades, there have been serious effects on climate. Available observational evidences indicateExpand
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