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Hydrogels for Biomedical Applications: Cellulose, Chitosan, and Protein/Peptide Derivatives
The use of micro- and nanogels for drug delivery applications is discussed, as well as the high potential of protein-based hydrogels in the production of bioactive matrices with recognition ability (molecular imprinting) and the development of 3D bioprinting technologies.
Nanomembranes and Nanofibers from Biodegradable Conducting Polymers
This review provides a current status report of the field concerning preparation of fibrous mats based on biodegradable and conducting polymers and can be combined to get free-standing nanomembranes and nanofibers that retain the better properties of their corresponding individual components.
2015 Neuchâtel's Cast-as-Intended Verification Mechanism
This paper proposes a simple ballot casting protocol, using return codes, for allowing a voter to verify votes in a single vote casting election, implemented in a binding election in the Swiss canton of Neuchâtel in March 2015, and will be the canton's new voting platform.
Characterization and degradation behavior of poly(butylene adipate‐co‐terephthalate)s
Random copolyesters based on 1,4-butanediol and different ratios between adipic and terephthalic units were synthesized from thermal polycondensation of the appropriate mixture of monomers or by melt
Nucleation and Antinucleation Effects of Functionalized Carbon Nanotubes on Cyclic and Linear Poly(ε-caprolactones)
Novel nanocomposites were prepared by blending linear or cyclic poly(e-caprolactones) with two types of chemically modified carbon nanotubes (CNTs). The low-polydispersity cyclic PCL samples (C-PCLs)
Crystal Structures of Nylon 5,6. A Model with Two Hydrogen Bond Directions for Nylons Derived from Odd Diamines
Two crystalline structures for nylon 5,6 have been studied by transmission electron microscopy, electron diffraction, and X-ray diffraction. A γ form or an α-like phase can be obtained as a function